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Immerse: 30 Exhibitions, 30 Days, 30 Venues in Knox

Expressions of Interest are now closed


How to Apply

Immerse is a new exhibition program involving 30 venues across Knox, hosting 30 exhibitions over 30 days every year from mid November to mid December.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Engage and promote local artists, local learning, community centres and local business
  • Encourage art sector development
  • Foster partnerships between, local artists, art organisations, community centres local business and Council
  • Enable creative, business and community networks to develop
  • Raise the profile of visual arts in Knox

The venues involved range from cafes to community centres to outdoor platforms such as the Cinema Lane lightboxes, Boronia or the billboard at Gilbert Park Skate Park, Knoxfield.

A 32 page colour catalogue will accompany the exhibition program and will include an image from each exhibition, some information about the artist and the venue. The catalogue will promote the artist or arts group, the exhibition and the venue.

This expression of interest is being advertised widely across Melbourne. Artists are requested to respond to three venues they would like to exhibit within. A maximum of three artists will be selected for each venue and the nominated curator in consultation with each venue, will determine a preferred artist. The curator will liaise with the Community and Public Arts Officer, Knox City Council to determine the most appropriate infrastructure needed for each venue, which will be delivered by Council.

The curator will assist the artist in developing an exhibition concept and supervise the overall development and production of the work, ensuring it is ready to be installed by the first week of November.

Indoor exhibitions will be open during the normal business hours for each venue. Outdoor exhibitions will be on permanent display.


Thanks to the generosity of an acclaimed local artist, a total of $5,000 in prize money will be donated for the Immerse exhibition program

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Emerging Artist Award: $1,000
  • People’s Choice Award: $1,000
  • Young Artist Award: $1,000 (awarded to an artist 25 years of age and under)
  • Best Overall Exhibition Award: $2,000

Terms and Conditions

  • Prizes awarded in each category will be announced at the Immerse exhibition program opening on 12 November 2016.
  • Whilst employees of the Knox City Council are encouraged to enter an application to the Immerse exhibition program, employees are not eligible to compete for prize money. Spouses, de facto spouses, parents, children or siblings of employees (whether full, half, step or by adoption) are also ineligible to compete for prize money.

Our Curators

This year, there are six Curators working with Jo Herbig, Community and Public Arts Officer, Knox City Council. View their profiles below.

Exhibition Selection Process

Knox City Council recently made an annual call for expressions of interest from artists and art groups wishing to exhibit as part of the annual Immerse exhibition program. Artists from across Melbourne were encouraged to apply. Selection will be taking place in June and artists will be notified in early July.
Priority will be given to:

  • Artists living, working or studying in Knox (10% priority)
  • Work that demonstrates a high level of technical competency
  • Applications that are considered conceptually sound
  • Applications that demonstrate an innovative approach or use of medium
  • Artists presenting a coherent body of work
  • Work that is professionally presented

Support from Council includes:

  • Coordination of the overall Immerse Exhibition Program
  • Professional assistance for your exhibition development and design
  • Professional support from a Curator to help develop the artists work and curate a body of work for exhibition
  • Provision of curators to coordinate a number of exhibitions and venues
  • Provision of standard exhibition equipment for each venue (including plinths, tracking and wires)
  • Marketing of the exhibition (see below)
  • Assistance with installation and the use of standard installation equipment
  • Exhibition labels
  • Support from the curator regarding liaison with venue owner/leasee


Council will provide:

  • Professional advice on the marketing of your exhibition
  • Professional media release development and distribution
  • Extensive social media promotion
  • Promotion in art journals
  • Promotion to Councils creative networks
  • Promotion of all exhibitions on Council's website
  • Design, print and distribution of 32 page colour catalogue distributed widely across Knox and district.
  • It is a requirement of this project that Knox City Council must approve in writing all marketing material distributed as part of the Immerse Exhibition Program

Artists are responsible for providing work:

  • Of quality and originality;
  • Of technical skill and strong aesthetic content;
  • That is presented cohesively – practically (similar framing, etc) and conceptually
  • Appropriate to the selected site(s);
  • That contains appropriate furniture (example D-rings) ready for hanging and/or installation
  • Supplying any specialized equipment needed to display work
  • Providing a CV, artists statement and label information
  • Providing information, if required for a media release to be developed in conjunction with Council staff
  • Providing digital high resolution (1MB to 5MB) images suitable for publicity and or reproduction
  • Installation of exhibition in association with curator and/or Council staff
  • Transportation of the artwork to and from the exhibition venue
  • Providing Public liability insurance with certificate of currency if selected (curator can advise of available options)

Artists are required to work closely with their nominated Curator in developing content for their exhibition.

If selling work the artist/exhibitors must:

  • Provide contact details for public display so the purchaser can contact the artist directly
  • Be responsible for all aspects of managing artwork sales
  • Be responsible for pricelist production

The artist must accept all responsibility regarding any damage or theft to any art work and not hold liable Council, the venue or the curator.


Council and/or the curator does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or theft to the artworks during transport, installation or whilst on display. Venues do not accept responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or theft to the artworks during transport, installation or whilst on display.


Artists are required to adhere to strict time schedules for installing and dismantling exhibitions. Times will be agreed upon following consultation between the curator, artist and venue owners/leasees. Installation will take place from late October during a period of time agreed upon by curator, artist and venue owner/leasee.

Opening Night Launch

Exhibiting artists are required to attend the gala opening of the exhibition on Saturday 12 November 2016, venue TBC. If you are unable to attend please can you contact Jo Herbig on (03) 9298 8304 as soon as possible.

Selection Panel

A panel will assess applications based on the criteria above and will consist of:
Coordinator Immerse: Jo Herbig, Community and Public Arts Officer, Knox City Council
Curators: Miriam Arbus, Julie Andrews, Ange Malley, Jeannie Mueller, Marcia Ferguson, Erika Williams

Exhibition Sales

If artwork is for sale, the exhibitor will be responsible for all aspects of managing artwork sales. Exhibitors’ must be prepared to publish contact details for this purpose.

Next Steps

All applicants will be notified by mail, early July 2016.
Each exhibitor will then be asked to review and sign an exhibitor agreement.
Selected exhibitors have four months to complete the work. During this time each curator will conduct studio visits to assist you in the development of the exhibition.


The venues involved range from cafes to community centres to outdoor platforms such as the Cinema Lane Lightboxes or the Billboard at Gilbert Park Skate Park. A catalogue will accompany the exhibition program and will promote the artist, exhibition and venue.

View the Venues

Venue Specifications

All venue specifications are available to view online at or can be sent via email to

Please note photos of the venues are indicative only. We strongly suggest that you conduct site visits for each location prior to submitting your application.

Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 2015

Click the images below to view a larger photo.
Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 2Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 13Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 17Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 36Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 38Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 40Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 42Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 44Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 46Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 50Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 4Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 8Immerse Exhibition Program Opening 12

Photo gallery from last year's Immerse Exhibition Program

30 Exhibitions 30 Days 30 Venues in Knox #immerse #immerseart

Posted by Knox City Council on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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