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Knox Central Structure Plan

Draft Knox Central Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Amendment C149

Where is Knox Central?

Knox Central is Knox’s largest activity centre and sits alongside the City’s other major centres of Bayswater, Boronia and Rowville. Knox Central is large in scale (approximately two kilometres east to west) with the central spine being Burwood Highway, generally between Stud Road and Scoresby Road. Knox Central is characterised by a broad mix of land uses and activities which are shown in the map below.

Knox Central Activity Centre - existing land uses

The Knox Central Urban Design Framework

The Knox Central Urban Design Framework (KCUDF) was adopted by Council in 2005 and has been the guiding strategic document for the Activity Centre since this time. Many of the objectives and directions of the KCUDF remain relevant today but require refreshing to reflect current economic and demographic conditions. The KCUDF was therefore the starting point for development of the draft Knox Central Structure Plan.

Draft Knox Central Structure Plan

At its Strategic Planning Committee meeting on 13 September 2016, Council endorsed the draft Knox Central Structure Plan for the purpose of public exhibition. Council also endorsed proposed changes to the Knox Planning to implement the draft Knox Central Structure Plan (referred to as Planning Scheme Amendment ‘C149’).

Providing feedback on the draft Structure Plan and proposed planning scheme changes

The formal public exhibition period for the draft Knox Central Structure Plan and Amendment C149 is scheduled to take place from early November 2016 to mid December 2016. The delay is required due to the Council elections taking place on Saturday 22 October 2016. Council’s Election Period Policy outlines limitations on public consultation during the period before a general election.

This webpage will be updated after the Council election to inform public exhibition of the draft Knox Central Structure Plan and Amendment C149. The endorsed documents, background reports, and information on how to make a submission will all be made available.

At the commencement of the exhibition period, affected parties will be directly notified by mail. Notice will also be provided through advertisements in local newspapers, and through Council’s communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

In the meantime, you may access the Minutes of the Strategic Planning Committee meeting of 13 September 2016, which includes the officer’s report to Council and the draft documents considered by Council (Appendix A: the draft Knox Central Structure Plan; Appendix B: proposed amendments to the Knox Planning Scheme known as Amendment C149; and Appendix C: the Key Issues Background Report).

Please note some pages will not be available on our website during the period 21 September to 22 October 2016 in accordance with our obligations under Council's Election Period Policy. More information available

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