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Public Consultation For Local Law Administrative Guidelines

A review of the Local Law was undertaken by Council in 2014/15 and Council adopted the General Provisions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Local Law 2015 on 24 March 2015 which came into operation on 1 May 2015

As a result of the adopted changes in 2015, The General Provisions Local Law 2010 Administrative Guidelines were also reviewed. Council has proposed a number of changes to this document.

The General Provisions Local Law 2010 Administrative Guidelines provides a guide to staff for the implementation of the Knox City Council General Provisions Local Law (Parent Document)

The Proposed Changes

There are proposed minor changes throughout the Local Law Administrative Guidelines although the most significant of these changes occur in Part 2, Section 8 and relate to Trading Activities. These changes could affect Traders and Real Estate agents working within the municipality. Please note that the documents below should be read in conjunction with one another and it is only the Administrative guidelines that have been reviewed, not the Local Law.

Information Sessions

Council held a number of consultation sessions for Traders and Real Estate agents where proposed changes in the Local Law Administrative Guidelines were discussed.

The consultations that occurred over two days in May saw a large number of interested parties attending to ask questions and make suggestions. Submissions were also invited to pass comment on the proposed changes.

The date to make a submissions has now passed. All submissions that have been received will be reviewed.

Please note some pages will not be available on our website during the period 21 September to 22 October 2016 in accordance with our obligations under Council's Election Period Policy. More information available

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