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Flood Controls

Land development in flood-affected areas requires consideration of the Knox Planning Scheme and the Victorian Building Regulations. The following is provided to assist those considering development, so that proposals effectively manage flood risks.

Planning Permits

The Knox Planning Scheme includes flooding and stormwater information supplied by Melbourne Water, the regional Drainage and Floodplain Management Authority.

Flood and stormwater management controls are:

Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO):

Applies to land affected by flooding associated with waterways and open drainage systems.

Special Building Overlay (SBO):

Applies to land affected by overland flow paths caused by severe storms that exceed the capacity of underground drainage systems.

Urban Floodway Zone (UFZ):

Applies to land affected by mainstream flooding from waterways.

Check the Knox Planning Scheme to find out if any of these controls apply to your property.

Download the Advice Note 'Applying for a Planning Permit where land is affected by a Special Building Overlay or Land Subject to Inundation Overlay', from the link at the bottom of this screen if considering improvements to your property.

Other information is available from the Melbourne Water website. This includes:

  • how to obtain a property's flood level.
  • guidelines for development in flood-prone areas.

Council is working towards identifying local flood and stormwater flow areas that will provide for future amendment to the Knox Planning Scheme.

Building Permits

The Victorian Building Regulations give requirements for Building Permits in flood-affected areas.

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