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Support for Community Groups

Knox City Council is committed to supporting not-for-profit community groups that operate within the municipality because we recognise the important role that community organisations play in building a cohesive, healthy, vibrant and resilient community.

There are over 800 community organisations in Knox. They comprise a range of organisations relating to sports, schools, arts, churches, service, environment, children, youth, older adults, culture, recreation, health and many more. Each of these ‘not-for-profit’ organisations engage in activities and/or deliver services of benefit to the Knox Community.

Knox City Council has a range of programs that aim to support, encourage and strengthen the capacity of local community organisations.

Training and Skill Development

Community Skills Workshops; Neighbourhood Houses; Other Training Opportunities; Booking Information.

Grant Opportunities

Community Development Fund; Other Council Grants; How can I apply?; Who can I contact for more information.

Community Directory

Promote your community group; Find a community group or organisation that is active in Knox.

Knowing Knox - facts and figures about your community

Useful information about Knox to assist community groups with grant applications and planning community projects.

Volunteering in Knox

Volunteer for Knox can find people to volunteer at your community organisation, provide support and training and assist you to improve how you manage volunteers in your organisation.

Planning your next event?

Useful information to help your community group plan your next event.

Useful Resources

Additional resources and website links.

Interested in receiving updates?

Subscribe to the e-bulletin containing up-to-date information of relevance to community groups.

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