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An information night for sporting clubs

Information for Sporting Clubs

2018/19 Summer Tenancy Applications

Applications for use of Council's active reserves for the 2018/19 summer tenancy period are now open! Existing tenants of Council's facilities have been sent an email to their registered contact, providing the club with login details and a link to the application form.

All new clubs must contact Council's Leisure Services Officer on 9298 8000.

Club Development

Council provides clubs with a number of development opportunities including workshops, training and grants information. To find out more please visit the Club Development Page.

In-Club Education Program

Council is piloting a social and behavioural change program with three sporting clubs in the region, aimed at identifying key off-field issues faced by these clubs to assist in addressing social issues faced by the youth of Knox.

To find out more please visit the In-Club Education Program Page.

Good Neighbour Guidelines

Knox City Council is keen to ensure it’s tenant sporting clubs and local residents are both able to enjoy the use of the our sporting reserves. Common areas of conflict affecting sporting reserves include parking, noise levels, excessive glare from training lights and disruptive departures from the reserve

Council has developed 'Good Neighbour Guidelines' to encourage improved relationships between sporting groups and residents living near our sports reserves.

Download the Good Neighbour Guidelines

Capital Works

Capital works projects are large scale improvement works that the Council carries out on its assets. Council funding can assist Capital Works Projects in the following areas:

  • Sporting fields - i.e. Ground renewal;
  • Tennis facilities - i.e. Court renewal;
  • Community hall facilities - i.e. Scout Pavilions;
  • Sporting pavilions - i.e. Renovations;
  • Associated amenities - i.e. Coaches boxes, scoreboards, playing nets etc; and
  • Sporting reserve car parks - i.e. Extensions.

Projects submitted for funding through Council’s Capital Works Program may also be considered for Council endorsement for external funding programs, such as the Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Community Facility Funding Program.

For Council to further consider your club’s request for Capital Works funding, please complete the Capital Works Application Form and return to Council before 8:00am on Monday 30 September 2019. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered by Council.

Capital Works Application Form

Leisure Newsletter

Did you know Council has a newsletter containing all the sport and leisure information you need?

Sign up for the Leisure Newsletter.

Managing Events on Council Land

Groups that charge entry to access Council's Sporting Reserve are required to prepare an Event Management Plan. To assist community groups an Event Management Plan guide has been developed.

This guide is designed to help groups and organisations staging an event within Knox to comply with Council’s obligations under the Building Control Act. The guide requests information Council needs with respect to the Certificate of Occupancy for Council facilities.

Council is aware that many groups and organisations already do many of the things in this guide and do them well. To ensure transparency, consistency of approach and that documentary evidence is available, each section must be completed.

Council is mindful of the increasing workload placed on volunteers and groups in the community. The information that is asked for in this guide is the minimum required.

Download our Managing Events of Council Active Reserves guide.

Interim Guidelines for Casual Hire of Community Facilities

Council has recently completed a review of the casual hire of Council facilities process, which includes sporting clubs sub-letting the facilities they tenant to external groups and community members. As a result of this review, Council has developed a set of guidelines that clubs are required to adhere to when subletting their pavilion. This document does not cover the casual hire of active reserves.

The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure there is a consistent process in place when community members and groups casually hire Council’s facilities. Clubs are advised to read and understand these guidelines, as all aspects of the guidelines must be followed for any future sublet.

Download a copy of the Guidelines

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