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Addressing Job Selection Criteria

Selection criteria is a summary of the skills, qualifications, training, knowledge, attributes required to undertake a role successfully. The selection criteria is used by Council to shortlist applicants, only applicants who can satisfy all/most of the selection criteria will be shortlisted.

What does it mean to 'Address the Selection Criteria'?

This means to write a short response to each criteria outlined in the position description. This can either be part of your cover letter or as a separate document as part of your application.

Some selection criteria require a brief response such as "applicants must hold a current Victorian drivers license", this could easily be answered by writing a sentence to confirm the type of Victorian drivers license you have.

Others may require more detailed responses, such as "personal values and behaviours aligned to those of Knox City Council", this would require you to review the values of Council and write a few paragraphs about how you would demonstrate these values if you got the position you are applying for.

Why do I need to Address the Selection Criteria?

Your resume may include all of the information relevant to my application, but we may not be able to directly match the information in your resume to a specific criteria.

By addressing each selection criteria separately, you will increase your chances of gaining an interview by making it easy for the person doing the shortlisting to review your application against the selection criteria.

If an advertisement requests you to address the selection criteria and you do not, your application may not be considered as part of the shortlisting process.

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