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Neville Hiatt

Neville Hiatt

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Rowville Library

Stud Park Shopping Centre, Stud Rd, Rowville. Map Reference #24
Phone: 03 9800 6443.
Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday 9am-5:30pm. Thursday to Friday 9am-8pm. Saturday 9am-4pm. Sunday 1pm-4pm.

Journeys II – Behind Closed Doors

In creating the body of work Journeys that was first exhibited at the 2015 Ballarat International Foto Biennale a desire was born to create images for the stories Journeys wasn’t able to tell. Journeys, invites the viewer to step inside the story within each frame as well as across the storyline of the whole series. Journeys II – Behind Closed Doors created for the Immerse Exhibition Program narrows its focus in an even more personal way. What stories in your life do people not see when you’re shopping for groceries, being professional at work or smiling in a social group.

From Invisible to Finding Hope come join me in this journey at nevillehiatt.com or at the Rowville library.

Neville Hiatt’s latest series once again gives voice to stories that he has fought hard to find new ways to tell after his radio career was given an intermission thanks to a careless driver while he was travelling between jobs. 8 years on and he is even more passionate about encouraging others to share their stories while he is continually searching for the daily strength to be able to share his own.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell - Sometimes all someone needs to share their story is knowing that to do so could save someone’s life. As the storyteller of this series her door is open welcoming you in to share yours.

Invisible - Mental Health can distort our perception of reality. It can leave us feeling alone in a crowded place or can have us feeling like everyone is looking at us. It can also have us feeling afraid of leaving or entering certain places.

Childhood - Death is hard enough to reconcile with when someone has lived what we’d deem a full life. When someone’s life ends before it has really begun the resulting emotions can be even harder to process. We find her seeking some comfort by reading to them even though they are no longer there. Or is she lamenting her own lost childhood, I’ll let you decide.

Hollywood - Educated repetitiously by movies and music from a young age by the time we reach adulthood do we really know the best way to fulfil the deepest desires of our hearts?

Self - Truth or perception, is that how she feels due to her perception of the reflection or is she using every ounce of strength she has to face another day?

Together - Finding help, so many options for assistance all requiring courage to make that first step. Community is a vital part of everyone’s journey.

Frozen - Even after seeking help things don’t instantly or magically change. Every journey is a process and some days are easier than others. Please don’t give up during the tougher times.

Silence Broken - It takes immense courage to face something that happened to you. Once confronted though it’s controlling power can be broken and recovery can start.

Embracing Self - Loving one self, such a simple principle, yet a challenging application.

Finding Hope - The signpost is showing her which way to go but which road will she journey?

Everyone Has A Story To TellFinding HopeInvisible
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