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walk to school

Walk to School winner

Every October, Knox City Council delivers the Walk to School program to encourage primary school kids to walk, ride or scoot to and from school.

A VicHealth initiative, Walk to School promotes regular physical activity in Victorian primary school students. It helps kids and their families establish active routines for life, is good for the environment and for our health.

Participation in Walk to School also supports primary schools and communities to make active travel accessible, easy and most importantly, safe.

This year 22 primary schools in Knox took part, representing more than half of primary schools in the region. Across Victoria, 759 schools and 140,303 students participated in Walk to School.

Students and teachers record how many times a student walks, rides or scoots to and from school during October, using a classroom calendar.

The school that walked to school the most for the month was Knox Central Primary School in Boronia who won the cash prize of $2500 for sustainable transport infrastructure.

The 2018 Walk to School initiative in Knox saw:

  • 22 primary schools participate
  • 4450 students in total participate
  • Average participation rate – 80 per cent of students at each school
  • Total days walked – 39970
  • As for distance, we walked roughly 4 laps around Australia or almost a lap and a half around the equator (based on estimation)

The prize will be put towards sustainable transport infrastructure, including facilities such as secure bike parking, scooter racks, bike education equipment or pedometers.

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