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Road Safety

Walk to School for Eastern Ranges children

Walking to school is a fun, active and healthy way to start the day for many children, but unfortunately is not an option for some of the students from Eastern Ranges School, a school for children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Council recently partnered with the school to develop a customised Walk to School program to suit students of all abilities, and to teach them about road safety and help to improve their physical activity.

As part of Walk to School month, a team from Council together with ‘Lottie the Crossing Supervisor’ modified Council’s existing road safety program to suit the different learning abilities of the students.

As well as discussing the importance of road safety, there were special activities throughout the day to include children in the Walk to School initiative to help them improve their level of physical activity and to teach them about independent travel.

The children walked laps around the school in a tailored Walk to School activity with each child receiving a sticker for every lap they completed.

Students were shown what a school crossing looks like and learnt the ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think’ principles they must do before crossing the road. They happily played at being cars, pedestrians and flag holders as ‘Lottie the Crossing Supervisor’ guided them through road safety awareness.

More than 700 schools across Victoria participate in VicHealth's Walk to School in October each year, walking, scooting and riding to school to positively promote both environmental and health benefits to families and children alike.

This was the first time the children from Eastern Ranges have been able to participate in a mainstream active transport program.

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