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Media Response - Goats

Weed Goats
Before shot 15 November 2018 and After shot 4 December 2018.


The Knox Leader contacted Council with questions about the use of goats on Council land.


Council decided on this innovative approach to weed control because the site in question contained a significant amount of weeds and its topography, including steep slope and rocky loose surface, made conventional methods of weed control problematic and costly.

The goats have thus far, proved highly effective in reducing the overall amount of weeds on-site. See attached before and after photos.

Council’s Biodiversity team sourced the animals from a contractor who specialises in weed control utilising goats.

The area selected for grazing is located within Quarry Reserve and has been selectively fenced off from other areas. Given this is a pilot site, there are no other sites within where Council is conducting weed control utilising goats at present.

The pilot project commenced in mid-November 2017 and will run through to June 30 2019. There is the capacity for the goats to be reintroduced to the site every 3-6 months depending on need.

Council can advise that the use of goats, funded through Council’s weeding management budget, has proved significantly cheaper than conventional forms of weed control so far.

Issued: Wednesday 9 January 2019
Quotee: Cr Jake Keogh, Mayor Knox City Council

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