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Media Release - Outdoor leisure play park for Knox!

An outdoor ‘leisure play park’ will be a popular new future addition to Knox’s leading indoor pool and fitness centre.

Knox City Council announced the addition to Knox Leisureworks in Boronia as part of a five-year plan for its future growth and operation.

The new leisure play park will be added during the next five years to reinvigorate the outdoors precinct of the Tormore Road facility in Boronia. It will cost almost $400,000 to complete.

The new addition to Knox Leisureworks came as part of the successful tender by Belgravia Leisure that Council announced on 17 December .The successful tenderer is for the next five years with further possible extensions based on meeting performance standards
News of the new operator has been hailed as an ‘exciting new chapter’ in the centre’s operation, leading a facility that has served the community for more than 50 years.

Council’s transfer of operation builds on the work of past operator Victorian YMCA, with the centre being recently awarded the Aquatics and Recreation Victoria 2018 Health club of the Year.

Quotes attributable to the Mayor, Cr Jake Keogh:

  • The addition of an outdoors leisure and play park is great news for local families. We’ve been focused so much during past decades on the inside of the building, that it’s time we add something special to the external part of the Boronia site.
  • We’re excited to be welcoming Belgravia Leisure to head up our community swimming, aquatic and leisure centre in Boronia. In fact, it’s an exciting new chapter at the facility and the Community will also see a range on new initiatives and programs across Knox and in local areas promoting health and wellness. We’re thrilled to welcome Belgravia.
  • The team at Belgravia have a wealth of experience in operating centres like Knox Leisureworks.
  • We’d also like to thank YMCA for its past management of the facility, and all the contributions made by the team in Boronia. We’re sure Belgravia will continue their high standards and provide even more opportunities for leisure and fitness in Knox.

Quotes attributable to Nick Cox, CEO of Belgravia Leisure:

  • We’re excited to be taking on the operation of Knox Leisureworks and are especially looking forward to working with community groups within the municipality .
  • Our team will be making sure the program of activities at the facility benefit many more people and community groups in Knox than already enjoy the facility.

Issued:Friday 11 January 2019
Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021

Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 Reference:

Goal 6 — We are healthy, happy and well:

Strategy 6.1 Mitigate lifestyle risks such as smoking, risky alcohol consumption and drug use, obesity, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition

Strategy 6.2 Support the community to enable positive physical and mental health


Goal 7 - We are inclusive, feel a sense of belonging and value our identity

Strategy 7.1 - Protect and preserve our local cultural heritage

Strategy 7.2 - Celebrate our diverse community

Strategy 7.3 - Strengthen community connections

Strategy 7.4 - Promote and celebrate the contribution of our volunteers


Goal 8 - We have confidence in decision making
Strategy 8.1 - Build, strengthen and promote good governance practices across government and community organisations.

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