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Service Updates

We are prioritising critical services and some services may be reduced. This means there will be longer wait times for customers contacting us by phone. Many of our services are available online. Advice on which services can continue is changing rapidly. For regular updates, go to

Media Statement - Recycling service in Knox

Despite a recent announcement by SKM Recycling that it is unable, at the present time, to receive and process any more recyclable materials, Knox City Council will continue to facilitate the collection of recyclable materials across the municipality.

Council believes that it is important from an amenity and public safety point of view that the collection of recyclable materials continues in the interim.

Council is working hard to secure a temporary arrangement with an alternative recycling service provider, however it is likely that some recyclable materials will have to be diverted to landfill in the short-term.

This is obviously a regrettable outcome for Council as well as our community, and Council calls upon all interested parties, including the State Government, to continue to work together as a matter of urgency, in finding a sustainable solution to the systemic issues impacting the recycling sector.

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