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Media Release - Plan to revitalise Boronia released for public exhibition

A draft strategy to reinvigorate and revitalise Boronia has been endorsed by Knox City Council.

The draft Boronia Renewal Strategy represents the most significant opportunity to rejuvenate the central heart of Boronia in a generation.

Key among the preferred future outcomes identified as part of the project is the renewal and regeneration of the economic heart of Boronia.

The draft Strategy supports the transition to a more diverse mix of businesses – including retail, restaurants and cafes, and commercial/ office space. Additionally, Council will look to focus new housing and population growth in the heart of Boronia, boosting retail trade and economic opportunities, as well as creating jobs.

By encouraging sensitive and appropriate development within the activity centre, the leafy streets of Boronia’s surrounding residential area are protected.

Growing Boronia’s night-life is another priority for our community, with a need for more leisure and entertainment activities, more social enterprises and increased occupation of retail premises, shop fronts and eateries. Locals are united in their desire to see Dorset Square redeveloped into a contemporary retail complex with a new civic space, with the potential to attract major retailers.

An equally important focus has been on how the Strategy can better support the health and wellbeing of the local community. This includes providing better access to community services and facilities which connect people to health, social services, technology and vocational training and education.

This also includes helping the local community to feel safer, with Council already undertaking a number of initiatives, in conjunction with Victoria Police and the State and Federal Government, to boost community safety in Boronia. A key element of enhancing perceptions of safety is a proposal to revitalise Boronia Train Station.

The draft Strategy, together with the associated draft documentation to update the Knox Planning Scheme, will now be provided to the Victorian Government for review. Authorisation is first needed from the Minister for Planning before Council can formally exhibit the draft Boronia Renewal Strategy in tandem with changes to the Knox Planning Scheme for public comment. While dependent on the Minister’s authorisation, this expected to occur later this year.

Quotes attributable to Mayor, Cr Jake Keogh:

  • Through more than a dozen community engagement initiatives, locals spoke clearly about their desire for a welcoming and vibrant activity centre, where transport links, employment and leisure experiences come together in a safe and thriving hub.
  • A thriving and successful local business community supports Boronia’s social and economic wellbeing by attracting more visitors to an area that, in turn, creates new jobs and recreational opportunities.
  • Boronia is ready for a new lease of life. The draft Boronia Renewal Strategy represents a once in a generation opportunity to create a well-connected, safe and vibrant activated town centre.
  • A thriving retail precinct with café dining, nightlife, and apartment living, which restores civic pride and continues to make Boronia an inviting destination to live, learn, work and play.

Issued: Thursday 29 August 2019
Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021

Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 Reference:

Goal 1. We value our natural and built environment

Strategy 1.1 - Protect and enhance our natural environment.

Strategy 1.3 - Ensure the Knox local character is protected and enhanced through the design and location of urban development and infrastructure.

Goal 2. We have housing to meet our changing needs.

Strategy 2.1 - Plan for a diversity of housing in appropriate locations.

Strategy 2.2 - Encourage high quality sustainable design.

Strategy 2.3 - Support the delivery of a range of housing that addresses housing and living affordability needs.

Goal 3. We can move around easily

Strategy 3.1 - Enable improved transport choices supported by integrated and sustainable transport systems and infrastructure.

Strategy 3.2 - Improve bike and footpath connectivity, including identifying gaps between existing bike routes, footpaths and key places.

Goal 4. We are safe and secure

Strategy 4.1 - Encourage and support the community to take responsibility for their own safety, and the safety of others.

Strategy 4.2 - Enhance community connectedness opportunities to improve perceptions of safety.

Strategy 4.3 - Maintain and manage the safety of the natural and built environment.

Goal 5. We have a strong regional economy, local employment and learning opportunities

Strategy 5.1 - Attract new investment to Knox and support the development of existing local businesses, with a particular focus on Advanced Manufacturing, Health, Ageing and Business Services sectors.

Strategy 5.2 - Plan for a range of key strategic centres that provide a diversity of employment, services and amenities to support the changing needs of our community.

Goal 7. We are inclusive, feel a sense of belonging and value our identity

Strategy 7.3 - Strengthen community connections

Goal 8. We have confidence in decision making

Strategy 8.2 - Enable the community to participate in a wide range of engagement activities.

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