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Residents to have their say on proposed laws

Residents will be invited to provide feedback on the proposed Amenity Local Law 2020, to have their say on the issues impacting the community as part of a review of the General Provisions Local Law 2010 in Knox.

Local laws empower Council to maintain peace and order, promote health and safety by removing hazards, manage community nuisances and improve quality of life for the whole Knox community. The Local law deals with many aspects of our day-to-day lives including waste collection, overhanging trees, neighbourhood amenity and your property, the keeping of animals, and the use and protection of Council land and roads.

Public consultation will start on 3 March, providing the opportunity to review, provide comment and contribute to the future of Knox

Knox City Council Mayor, Cr Nicole Seymour emphasised the importance and opportunity of the public consultation period.

“Public consultation on the proposed Local Law allows the community to sense check and prioritise what is important for the good governance of our city,” said Cr Seymour.

“I encourage all members of the Knox community to contribute and have their say on these laws, which are designed to protect what we love about Knox, and make Knox a safe and liveable community for residents and families.”

Every ten years, Council is required to review and update its Local Law to make sure it reflects amendments to legislation, changes that have taken place in the municipality and to ensure the Local Law keeps pace with the community’s changing expectations.

The proposed Amenity Local Law 2020 incorporates new and amended laws relating to:

  • Dilapidated buildings – to address community concern around run-down or abandoned properties, including those acquired for future property development and allowed to become derelict, with proposed laws providing Council the ability to direct owners of dilapidated buildings to rectify damage or install fencing to prevent squatting, vandalism and other anti-social behavior on these sites.
  • Household waste management – the proposed Local Law restructures the laws around residents’ management of household waste, through the introduction of a separate waste policy. This will allow Council to be more adaptable to the fast-paced changes of the waste management sector, such as to facilitate new or differing recycling options without requiring an amendment of the law to do so.
  • Building site management – the proposed Local Law strengthens the protection of Council land and assets at risk of damage due to building works, including drains, vehicle crossings, Council trees and plants.
  • Keeping of animals – the proposed Local Law clauses have been simplified or consolidated to make them easier to read, understand and adhere to, as well as proposing a number of new rules, including prohibiting the keeping of roosters on land unless specifically permitted under a Planning Scheme applicable to the land or an Act.
  • Drones – the definition of ‘model aircraft’ has been expanded to include drones; a technology that was not common at the time the previous Local Law was adopted. The proposed law allows drones to be used on Council land as long as it does not endanger others or cause any damage.
  • Smoke Free areas – the proposed Local Law introduces new laws allowing Council to designate areas or places to be smoke-free, and request a person to extinguish their tobacco product.
  • Making the Local Law easier to understand – the proposed Local Law includes a number of structural changes to group together common themes, prioritise subjects of the most relevance to the community and remove any duplicate or outdated laws. In doing so, Council aims to ensure the new Local Law reflects community priorities and needs.

Submissions in response to the proposed Local Law will be accepted through a range of channels, including online, email and by post. The community is invited to attend drop-in information sessions on the 23 and 24 March, to find out more about the proposed Amenity Local Law and ask questions. Opportunities to participate will be publicised by Council ahead of the consultation period.

Issued: Thursday 27 February 2020
Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021

Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 Reference:

Goal 4. We are safe and secure

Strategy 4.4 - Protect and promote public health, safety and amenity.

Goal 8. We have confidence in decision making

Strategy 8.1 - Build, strengthen and promote good governance practices across government and community organisations.

Strategy 8.2 - Enable the community to participate in a wide range of engagement activities.

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