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Community Laws, Permits and Parking

school crossing

Council's Community Laws has many varied roles including the enforcement of state and local legislation. Roles include animal management, local laws, traffic enforcement and school crossing supervision.

Education is an important part of the role that the Community Laws Officer plays in the community. It is also a large factor in increasing compliance with legislation, with enforcement being the last step.

Information included on this page covers the main issues that are dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

During times of emergency, Community Laws main priority will be that of the events at hand. Any complaints received will be prioritised and acted upon, however please be aware that there may be delays in dealing with your request. Your understanding during these times will be much appreciated.

Parking offences are enforced under state legislation introduced in 1999. The Road Rules - Victoria, can be accessed through the link below, that will take you to the VicRoads web site.

All online requests will be actioned during Council's opening hours.

Parking Rules

Parking Rules within Knox City Council are dictated by the Road Safety Road Rules 2009. Please read the attached document below for examples of Rules that commonly apply within the state of Victoria. (Parking Information Sheet)

VicRoads introduced some changes to Victoria's road safety rules on 9 November 2009. For more information on Parking and Road Rules please visit the VicRoads website.

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