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Our Vision

A large and comprehensive engagement process was conducted during 2012-13 called Knox@50. This program was designed to begin a conversation with the community about the changes facing Knox, and what we can do to shape the future.

This information was used to inform the new Knox Vision: Our City, Our Future, and the City Plan (incorporating the Council Plan) and will be used to inform various strategies, including the Housing Strategy.

Knox’s Vision provides a picture of the future City that will deliver the lifestyle, jobs and industry, health and wellbeing desired by members of the Knox community. The aspirational future is outlined under five themes, each containing a description of our ideal future, and identifying the features that will be in place when that future is achieved.

The five themes of our Vision are:

  • Healthy, Connected Communities.
  • Prosperous, Advancing Economy.
  • Vibrant and Sustainable Built and Natural Environments.
  • Culturally Rich and Active Communities.
  • Democratic and Engaged Communities.

To view the Vision document, see the link below.

The barriers, enablers and key strategies for putting these features in place form the basis of Knox’s City Plan for the next four years (2013-2017).

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