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No Wrong Door

No Wrong Door

No Wrong Door (NWD) is an initiative supporting young people (aged 10 to 25 years) to help them find the support that they require.


Young people find it difficult to navigate the service system, and continually have to re-tell their story.

No Wrong Door aims to keep young people at the heart of service delivery. It is based on the premise that every door in the service system should be the right door. No Wrong Door services and schools commit to actively engaging young people, ensuring that each young person receives appropriate and adequate support for their needs, regardless of whatever door or service they walk through.

No Wrong Door is a commitment to working collaboratively in innovative ways to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people in the Outer East. While No Wrong Door applies to all young people (aged 10 to 25), the model is particularly advantageous in supporting vulnerable young people.

The Framework of NWD

Any organisation that engages with young people can become a signatory to No Wrong Door.

The framework developed acknowledges that different services and schools have varying degrees of support that they can offer a young person. Considerations such as the capacity of the service, skill set of workers or volunteers and the essential core function of the organisation all affect the way a service or school can respond. The No Wrong Door framework has been designed to recognise and accommodate this, with services designated at three different levels and schools at two different levels.

The purpose of the framework is to create relationships and tools that will ensure all young people receive the most appropriate support as quickly as possible. This framework seeks to create a straightforward approach to a complex system characterised by a diverse range of different services.

The Tools for NWD

Two key data collection tools have been developed for use by No Wrong Door organisations.

The purpose of these tools is to ensure that a young person only has to tell their story once and their information is collected in a professional manner to assist in making referrals to support the young person’s needs.

Visit the link to Tools for NWD and more information.

The NWD Project Team

For further information about No Wrong Door contact Yarra Ranges Youth Services tel: 03 9294 6716 or email

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