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Public Art in Knox

Knox City Council has an enduring commitment to building a culturally rich and engaged community through the arts. Well ahead of many other local councils, it began regularly installing public and community artworks as an integrated element within local landscapes from the late 1970s.

In 2008, Council began reviewing its achievements and processes for delivery of public art. Public artworks had been continuously installed for three decades; however, the artworks and acquisition processes applied were not driven by a consistent vision and were not universally applied. Knox City Council developed and adopted its first Public Art Policy in 2013. The Policy is Council’s public statement of commitment to an ongoing public art development program. It is an acknowledgment of the value Council places on public art and it sets the broad parameters for the planning and delivery of culturally appropriate artworks in publicly accessible places and spaces across the municipality. It is recognition that these days, the term ‘public art’ refers to a broad range of arts activities and art forms in the public realm.

In 2017, Council endorsed the Knox Public Art Implementation Plan. The Public Art Plan is the ‘instruction manual’ for the implementation of a public art program that reflects the Knox community’s ambition for a distinctive, celebrated, creative and beautiful city. The endorsement of the Public Art Policy and Public Art Plan by Council provides a strategic approach to the development and delivery of public art throughout Knox.

Image of The Billboard at the Knox Skate and BMX Park
Image of Marie Wallace Reserve Artwork

In situ already are variety of public art works commissioned as part of previous capital works projects, and community projects including Marie Wallace Reserve Murals by David Booth (aka Ghostpatrol) and Carla McRae completed in June 2018..Regular public art programs such as Immerse and the Wall to Wall Mentoring Program continue to contribute temporary and permanent public art works to Knox via installations, murals, exhibitions and projects.

The Billboard at Gilbert Park Drive Skate Park and the Light boxes at Cinema Lane, Boronia are also platforms which allow for the rotation of art in the public domain.

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Stamford Park Public Art Project - Invitation to submit quotation

Artists are invited to submit quotation for the delivery of public artwork(s) for the Stamford Park Public Art Project, to be implemented within the Stamford Park redevelopment site in Rowville.

The Stamford Park site redevelopment comprises four key redevelopment zones:
• A commercial estate known as ‘Enterprise Business Park’;
• A 6.5-hectare, 190 dwelling residential estate known as ‘Waterlea’, under development by Stockland;
• The historic 1880’s Stamford Park Homestead and Gardens, and;
• The environmental restoration of the Stamford Parklands and Wetlands.

Artists may quote on creating work for an individual site, several or all sites. Please quote per individual site and provide a sketch, broad outline of visual ideas and a concept rationale for each. This artwork(s) is a commission, that is, it is not expected community will take part in the creation of the work. The quote should include all costs associated with creation, delivery and installation of the artwork(s) on site.

The net proceeds from the sale of Stamford Park land for commercial and residential uses has enabled Council to fund the renovation of the Homestead and Gardens, and restoration of the bushland and waterways throughout the Stamford Park Parklands.

The Stamford Park Public Art and Heritage Project supports the ‘place-making’ features of the redevelopment, including the installation of public artworks, heritage signage and archaeological displays that echo the sites history and natural environment, as well as contribute to the spirit of the intended future use of the site, which will include a commercial restaurant, gardens ideal for events, and significant passive and active recreational and environmental zones.

For more information about the site and the development process, please refer to the following key document links:

Stamford Park History
Stamford Park Parklands Concept Masterplan Report 2 June 2017
Final Concept Drawings Stamford Park Homestead Gardens August 2017

To obtain the Stamford Park Public Art Project Artist Brief and relevant attachments please contact publicart@knox.vic.gov.au:

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