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Michael Fromberg - Director of Coporate Development, Knox City Council

Director - Corporate Services

Michael Fromberg

Michael is an experienced executive with a proven track record of navigating complex environments and engaging and enabling teams to re-shape businesses to deliver exceptional employee, customer and business value.

Michael’s background includes the leadership of large teams providing a wide range of internal and external services, the leadership of programs aimed at transformational change and experience across multiple industries including Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing and Local Government.

This diversity of experience coupled with a deep understanding of LEAN and Agile business improvement techniques and a passion for community and customer service enables Michael to build high performance teams capable of delivering exceptional results across a broad range of customer and organisational needs.

Reporting Structure

Department Manager
Business & Financial Services James Morris (acting)
Governance & Strategy Phil McQue
Information Technology Paul Barrett (Acting)
Communications Imogen Kelly
Transformation Chris Dixon
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