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Boronia Heights College – 40 Mount View Road, Boronia Rezoning & Development Plan (C163 2018)

The Fast Track Government Land Service is a State Government initiative to deliver changes to planning provisions on land owned by the Victorian Government. As part of the planning scheme amendment process, some planning proposals may be referred to the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee. The Government Land Standing Advisory Committee provides independent advice on the planning proposal to the Minister for Planning.

For more information please visit the Fast Track Government Land Service website.

The Amendment - C163

The Minster for Planning is the Responsible Authority for the Amendment (known as C163). The Amendment documentation and contact details are available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website found via this link.

The site

The Boronia Heights College at 40 Mount View Road, Boronia is located amongst residential land in the Dandenong Foothills. Knox City Council’s Housing Strategy identified the site to be appropriate for residential development that is consistent with the surrounding low scale of development and consistent with what is allowable under the relevant Foothills planning controls. Areas of biological significance that should be kept intact are protected by the Environmental Significance Overlay – Schedule 3. It was recommended that the existing school oval be retained for use as public open space and that integration with the surrounding area be achieved.

Mount View Road Boronia

How to make a submission

Submissions to the proposal closed on 22 December 2017.

For more information please visit the Fast Track Government Land Service website.

Public Hearing

The public hearing took place from 12-14 February 2018 at Japara House, Living and Learning Centre, 54 - 58 Durham Road, Kilsyth.

For more information please visit the Fast Track Government Land Service website.

Council's submission

Council prepared a submission which was presented at the 18 December 2017 Council Meeting. View page 26 of the Agenda for a copy of the Council report and Submission for a copy of the submission - alternatively it may be accessed via the Council Meeting link below.

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