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Media Release - 'Shooting goals': Knox taking action to meet growing netball demand

Shooting Goals

Council will take action to meet growing demand for netball facilities in Knox by incorporating the proposal of two new indoor courts into the upcoming Draft Masterplan for the Knox Regional Netball Centre (KRNC).

The Draft Masterplan is scheduled for public consultation in March 2019.

The KRNC is Knox’s premiere netball facility and one of the largest in the state with two (2) indoor courts and eighteen (18) outdoor courts.

Approximately 6,000 people visit the KRNC every week and, in excess of 10,000 during competition finals as well as special events. The existing facilities are at peak capacity and forecast population growth in Knox will drive demand for additional indoor netball facilities.

Taking into account current and projected demand, the proposal of two new indoor courts would deliver increased capacity (including during peak times) to cater for additional netball programs and other sports and activities.

Preliminary estimates of costs for the construction of two new indoor courts will be referred to the 2019/20 budget process for consideration by Council.

Quotes attributable to the Mayor, Cr Jake Keogh:

  • This is a fantastic first step in finally making more indoor courts at the Knox Regional Netball Centre (KRNC) a reality for our community.
  • The KRNC is a sporting and recreational asset in Knox - but with population growth and increasing female participation in sport, we need to take steps to ensure that we can continue to meet demand, now and in future.

Issued:Friday 8th February
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