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Is your Child Attending Preschool/Kindergarten in 2020 and beyond?

If your child is attending preschool/kindergarten in 2020 or later, you need to be aware of important changes to Priority of Access guidelines.

What is changing from 2020

At the Council Meeting on 23 July 2018, Council endorsed a new Funded Preschool Policy and Procedure. The changes relate to:

  • New Priority of Access guidelines
  • New Defined Local Preschool Community Areas
  • New guidelines around sibling placement

Priority 1 - High Priority Children

A higher priority is given to children that the Department of Education and Training (DET) defines as:

  • Children at risk of abuse or neglect, including children in Out of Home Care
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children
  • Asylum seeker and refugee children
  • Children eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy (Health Care Cards, Pension Cards etc)
  • Children with additional needs, defined as children who:
  • a) require additional assistance to participate
  • b) require a combination of services which are individually planned
  • c) have an identified disability or developmental delay

Priority 2 - Local Preschool Community Areas OR Prior Attendance by Older Siblings

A higher priority is allocated to families who select, as their first preference, a preschool within their Local Preschool Community Area, OR whose sibling has attended their first preference preschool within the last three years.

a) Living in a Local Preschool Community Area

A Local Preschool Community Area approach recognises that:

  • families living within an area in Knox, often want to attend a local preschool, and also have strong links to primary schools in that area
  • local transport and walkability are important factors for families; and
  • families make better social connections if they have attended first parent groups and local community and supported playgroups within their Local Community Area.

PLEASE NOTE: Families that select a preschool that is within their Local Preschool Community Area AS THEIR 1ST PREFERENCE will receive a higher priority, than if they had chosen a preschool outside their Local Preschool Community Area.

Download Area Map 1 (PDF)Download Area Map 2 (PDF)Download Area Map 3 (PDF)Download Area Map 4 (PDF)Download Area Map 5 (PDF)Download Area Map 6 (PDF)Download Area Map 7 (PDF)Download Area Map 8 (PDF)Download Area Map 9 (PDF)

b) Prior Attendance by Older Siblings

If there are older siblings who attended your chosen 1st Preference Preschool, within the last 3 years, families will receive a higher priority.

Priority 3 - All Other Children Who Are Knox Residents

These are families who live in Knox, but DO NOT fit into either Priority 1 or 2.

Priority 4 - Non Knox Resident, Who Works or Studies in Knox

Priority 5 - Non Knox Resident Who Does Not Work or Study in Knox

Next Step

You are now ready to update your 2020 Preschool Registration through Keys Online Portal

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