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Media Release - Lewis Park Masterplan adopted

Knox Council has approved the draft masterplan for Lewis Park, paving the way for the first stage of works at what is destined to become one of Knox’s most iconic parks.

The masterplan envisages the transformation of Lewis Park and the Knox Community Gardens site into places where people can come together to relax, play and socialise and enjoy wide open spaces and spectacular views.

Following the release of the draft masterplan in September 2018 Council undertook extensive community consultation, with the feedback informing the current plan.

Council has allocated $500,000 in the 2019/20 financial year for initial site investigations, which will include geotechnical surveys, cultural heritage management plans, flora and fauna studies, and further liaison with Melbourne Water around Blind Creek and the proposed wetlands.

Funding for specific elements within the park will be allocated in future budgets, in addition to seeking Federal and State Government grants as opportunities arise.

Lewis Park sits in the heart of Knox, surrounded by Knox City Shopping Centre as well as residential and industrial areas, and connecting this open space with the neighbouring area was an important consideration.

Key elements of the masterplan include:

  • 'Naturalising' Blind Creek by restoring it to its natural state above ground, rather than diverting stormwater through underground pipes.
  • Creating a network of paths, boardwalks and bridges allow people to explore the natural environment while wildlife moves freely without human interference.
  • Enhance existing sporting facilities and creating new opportunities for active and passive recreation and play.

Quotes attributable to Mayor, Cr Jake Keogh:

  • Council is committed to ongoing consultation with stakeholders and the community as concepts and detailed designs develop and specific elements are delivered as funding becomes available.
  • Based on your comments, we have updated the Masterplan to emphasise the important flood mitigation function of the retarding basin, opportunities to tell the story of Indigenous culture and history, the potential for a dog park and continued community consultation on car parking designs.
  • Lewis Park is one of the largest open spaces in Knox and this Masterplan presents a bold 20-year vision for the future of this site, while ensuring the preservation of its unique environment and green open spaces at its heart.
  • The park will cater for the current and future needs of our growing community with active and passive recreation areas, while a restored Blind Creek will become a key feature of the park, contributing to the landscape and ecology of the area.
  • There is potential to do so much at this site – we are keen to move forward with the next stage of development for Lewis Park and deliver a space that is well-used and embraced by the community.
  • Community consultation has been at the heart of the masterplan development process, and we will continue to work with the community as elements of the project are developed and delivered.

Issued: 29 March 2019
Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021

Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 Reference:

Goal 1. We value our natural and built environment

Strategy 1.1 - Protect and enhance our natural environment.

Goal 4. We are safe and secure

Strategy 4.3 - Maintain and manage the safety of the natural and built environment.

Goal 6. We are healthy, happy and well

Strategy 6.2 - Support the community to enable positive physical and mental health.

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