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Footpath at Mountain Gate Shopping Centre

Commercial Use of Footpaths

Knox City Council supports the conduct of footpath activity associated with established businesses throughout strip shopping centres and other business activity areas.

Council recognises that adequate controls need to be established and enforced to ensure that public safety is not compromised and that pedestrians have ‘a continuous and uninterrupted path of travel’ along footpaths/walkways.

What does 'continuous and uninterrupted path of travel' mean?

Generally, this means that a corridor must be maintained on the footpath, from the building/property line of a business for a minimum distance of 1.2 metres.

No signs, goods, tables or chairs etc may be kept in this corridor.

Areas for each zone could vary subject to local conditions. These variations will be considered as each application is assessed.

What sorts of activities does the Council allow on footpaths?

A range of activities are permitted, including:

  • A-Frame sign displays.
  • Kerbside cafes.
  • Goods displays.
  • Street stalls.
  • Displays of planter boxes.

How do I get permission to place items on the footpath?

Permit application forms can be obtained through Council’s Customer Service Centres or downloaded below.

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