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Annual Budget 2019-20

Council’s 2019-20 Budget was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting on 24 June 2019.

The Budget forms an integral part of Council’s overall strategic planning framework and outlines the financial and non-financial resources required to implement the directions that have been established in the Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-21.

Council’s budget includes a rate increase of 2.50 percent, in line with the State Government’s Fair Go Rates System.

Budget Highlights

  • $32.713 million for Capital Works renewal funding which is to be invested in maintaining and renewing existing community assets such as roads, footpaths, drains and buildings.
  • $61.986 million to be invested in new, upgraded and expanded community assets.

The significant new projects for 2019-20 include:

  • $11.500 million for the relocation of Council’s Operation Centre
  • $9.029 million for the continued development of Stamford Park
  • $8.153 million for the Knox Central precinct (excluding the Knox Library)
  • $5.500 million for the Henderson Road Bridge
  • $1.550 million for the modular building program
  • $1.200 million for facilities upgrades as per the Buildings Asset Management Plan
  • $9.407 million for new and upgraded recreational, leisure and community facilities
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