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Knox City Council's City Plan 2013-2017

City Plan 2013-2017

Through the Knox@50 community engagement project conducted in 2012-2013, many Knox residents, business people and community members shared their ideas and thoughts. Councillors, management and staff also had input.

Together a Vision for the Knox community was created which shows us what our future could and should look like. A City Plan was also developed, which outlines how Knox’s Vision will be achieved.

The City Plan identifies shared objectives for the future of Knox, direction for Council’s activities and clear priorities. The objectives developed are shared and implemented through the effort of multiple agencies and stakeholders.

Included in the City Plan is the Council Plan, which is based on the priorities of Council and the issues identified by the community.

The Council Plan outlines the strategic direction of the organisation and is resourced by the Strategic Resource Plan. It also assists in annually identifying key projects and actions for the coming year which are outlined in the Annual Plan and resourced through the Annual Budget.

Take a look at our short video that talks about the collaboration between Council and the community to develop the Vision and City Plan, and outlines what our priorities are going forward.

Knox City Plan Video

Turn on Closed Captions (CC) or view the transcript of this video.

The Knox Vision and original City Plan (incorporating the Council Plan) 2013-17 were formally adopted at an Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 25 June 2013. Through Council's annual planning process, the City Plan was reviewed and some amendments were made to the Council Plan. Council formally adopted the revised City Plan (incorporating the Council Plan) 2013-2017 on Tuesday 23 June 2015.

At its meeting on 28 July, Council adopted the inaugural State of Knox Report and the Integrated City Strategy and Implementation Plan. The State of Knox Report was developed to assist Council to monitor and measure its progress toward the achievement of the Knox Vision on a regular basis.

The Integrated City Strategy is based on detailed research compiled in the 'State of Knox' report. It combines the Community Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013-17, Economic Development Strategy 2008-18, Sustainable Environment Strategy 2008-18 and elements of the Council Plan. It provides Council with a single platform to implement the Knox Vision and City Plan, provide robust strategic direction and reduces duplication of effort across key initiatives. The Strategy has a two year outlook initially from 2015 to 2017 and is intended to inform the review and development of the next City Plan.

Please see the links below under ‘Download Files’ to access a copy of the City Plan (incorporating the Council Plan) 2013-17, the Knox Vision, the State of Knox Report, and the Integrated City Strategy and Implementation Plan. You will also find links to copies of the Proposed 2016-17 Annual Budget and the Proposed Strategic Resource Plan 2016-17 to 2020-21 under ‘Related Links’.

If you would like to make a submission about the Proposed Annual Budget, please see the ‘Making a Submission’ section on the Annual Budget page.

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