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Knox City Council's City Plan 2013-2017

Knox City Plan 2013-17

The Knox City Plan 2013-17 (PDF) was developed in partnership with the Knox community and outlines how we will achieve our Vision (PDF) for the future.

It takes the ‘high level’ long-term goals contained in the Council’s shared Vision and makes it a reality in the short to medium term. In simple terms, the Vision shows us what our future could and should look like, while the City Plan tells us how to get there.

The 'Knox Vision' and original 'City Plan (incorporating the Council Plan) 2013-17' were formally adopted at an Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 25 June 2013. Through Council's annual planning process, the City Plan was reviewed and some amendments were made to the Council Plan. Council formally adopted the revised 'City Plan (incorporating the Council Plan) 2013-17' on Tuesday 23 June 2015.

At its meeting on 28 July 2015, Council adopted the inaugural State of Knox Report (PDF) and the Integrated City Strategy and Implementation Plan (PDF). The 'State of Knox Report' was developed to assist Council to monitor and measure its progress toward the achievement of the 'Knox Vision' on a regular basis.

In consultation with the Knox community, Knox City Council Is in the process of developing a new Knox Community Plan 2017-2021 which will replace the current Knox City Plan 2013-17 (due to expire in June 2017).

Knox City Plan Video

State of Knox and Integrated City Strategy

The 'Knox Integrated City Strategy' is based on detailed research compiled in the 'State of Knox Report'. It combines the 'Community Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013-17', 'Economic Development Strategy 2008-18', 'Sustainable Environment Strategy 2008-18' and elements of the Council Plan. It provides Council with a single platform to implement the Knox Vision and City Plan, provide robust strategic direction and reduces duplication of effort across key initiatives. The Strategy has a two year outlook initially from 2015 to 2017 and is intended to inform the review and development of the new Community Plan 2017-2021 (formally known as City Plan).

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