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We are prioritising critical services and some services may be reduced. This means there will be longer wait times for customers contacting us by phone. Many of our services are available online. Advice on which services can continue is changing rapidly. For regular updates, go to

Knox Community and Council Plan

The Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 - The Plan - sets a vision for the City of Knox and identifies our eight community and council goals that will drive Council activities over the next four years

This Plan has been formulated in partnership with our community. It provides a guide for individuals, businesses, local groups and other levels of government on strategic priorities for Knox. These priorities have been developed from information gathered through a community engagement process, supported by an analysis of State of Knox data, and with reference to key government and social policies.

The Plan is the strategic framework for all Council plans and activities. It meets Council’s legislative requirement to produce a Council Plan and also meets the obligations of the Public Health & Wellbeing Act 2008 by identifying goals and strategies based on available evidence and community engagement for the Knox community to achieve maximum health and wellbeing. The Strategic Resource Plan, which forms part of this Plan, is a rolling 10 year plan that outlines the financial and non-financial resources the Council requires to achieve our goals and strategies described in the Plan.

Municipal Survey 2020

As we near the end of the current plan, it’s time to start conducting research, gathering data and having conversations about what the future.

We are again conducting a Municipal Survey this year that will show any changes over time, and again provide a good basis to plan for the future. The survey has commenced via telephone with a representative sample of the Knox population (18 years plus) and approximately 200 businesses being contacted across the municipality. The survey will also be made available in hard copy at our customer service counter (Knox Civic Centre, 511 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South), at each of the Knox libraries and online.

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Midterm Review – 2019

Council at its Meeting Monday 24 June 2019 endorsed the midterm review of the Knox Community and Council Plan 2017- 21. The review consists of updating data and engaging with key stakeholders to ‘check-in’ on how we are travelling towards our eight shared goals, outlined in the Plan.

Updated data

The updated Census data is telling us that the five key changes in Knox are:

  • The older resident population continues to grow and there is near equality in the number of older and younger residents
  • Knox’s population continues to diversify
  • Housing choice is improving
  • Knox residents are becoming increasingly qualified
  • Local employment is increasing

Key Stakeholder Forum

On 12 February 2019, a breakfast session was held with more than 60 representatives from agencies, businesses and community organisations who shared their achievements from the last 18 months. The participants highlighted future challenges and opportunities in moving toward the shared goals.

View a graphic recording that highlights the discussion was created at the Forum.

Knox Festival Engagement

Many community members took the opportunity to get involved in the conversation at the Knox Festival . Activities held over the two-day Festival in March, captured nearly 400 comments on what our community feels we are doing well and what we can do better.

"We do well with: Great parks, sporting facilities, playgrounds and events. (Goals 1,6 &7)"

"We can do better by: Looking after our environment, reducing traffic, improving public transport and improving safety in our parks and stations. (Goals 1,3 &4)"

Breakfast forum
Staff at Knox Festival

How was the plan developed?

Knox City Council developed the Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 in consultation with the Knox community. The plan is for the whole municipality and replaces the former Knox City Plan 2013-2017 which expired in June 2017.

The new Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 provides clear priorities and shared objectives for the future of the wider community.

In 2016, we spoke to a number of different people (including children and young people) and organisations in our community to determine the key issues for the Knox community. The Final Community Engagement Summary Report provides an overview of the issues of importance discussed through the municipal survey and at various community and stakeholder focus groups and workshops.

These reports informed the development of the Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 and ensures that it is evidence based.

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To keep updated on the progress of the Knox Community Plan 2017-2021, please subscribe to the Knox Community Plan eNewsletter below, email or phone 9298 8000.

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State of Knox Report (2nd edition, December 2016)

At its meeting on Tuesday 20 December 2016, Council endorsed the Second Edition State of Knox Report for public release.

The Second Edition State of Knox Report contains a demographic overview, explores how things have changed since the first edition of the report and compares Knox with metropolitan (or in some cases, state) averages. It also outlines strengths and areas of concern in Knox.

The Second Edition State of Knox Report will inform the development of the new Community Plan and ensure that it will be evidence based.

Community Panel

The establishment of a Community Panel followed the Municipal Survey and community consultation sessions.

The Panel was an effective way for Council to further hear from the community and explore in depth what is important to them and what Council can do to meet these needs.

Five Community Panel sessions (from August to December 2016) were held, where the Panel:

  • discussed community priorities based on engagement activities conducted to date
  • discussed in detail the challenges Council faces over the next few years
  • provided feedback on how to approach these challenges, including an indication of priorities in order to inform the development of the new Community Plan and Council Plan documents.

The Community Panel did not have the authority to make decisions but provided Council with feedback and suggestions about priorities and challenges.

The recruitment of Panel members was conducted by a recruitment company independent of Council. While Council endorsed the criteria for selecting panel members, it was not involved in endorsing individual members.

The feedback and suggestions received from all of these consultative forums has been carefully considered in shaping Council’s strategic direction over the next four years.

The outcomes of the panel sessions are available below:

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