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2016 Council Elections

Council elections for Victoria and the City of Knox will be held on Saturday 22 October 2016. The voting method adopted by Council for these elections is by attendance. The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will conduct the elections on Council's behalf.

Election Period Policy

Council has developed an Election Period Policy in accordance with section 93B of the Local Government Act 1989 to ensure that its municipal elections are conducted in a manner that is fair, equitable, and publicly perceived as such. Further, the policy ensures that the ordinary business of Council continues throughout the election period in a responsible and transparent manner, and in accordance with statutory requirements and established ‘caretaker’ conventions.

The Election Period Policy explains:

  • the procedures intended to prevent the Council from making inappropriate decisions or using resources inappropriately during the election period before a general election;
  • the limitations placed on public consultation and the scheduling of Council events during the election period before a general election; and
  • the procedures intended to ensure that information held by Council is made equally available and accessible to candidates during the election period before a general election.

Failure to vote

People are required to vote at Council elections held for the municipality in which they have their principal place of residence. Failure to vote will attract a penalty.

If you are enrolled as an absentee ratepayer, voting in the municipality where you do not live is not compulsory.

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