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Green Foot Flicks

Green Foot Flicks - Knox Youth Film Festival

Green Foot Flicks...

is a Youth Film Festival that is organised by the Knox Youth Events Crew which is usually held during National/Victorian Youth week.

Films are created by young people aged 12-25 who live, work, study or hang out in the City of Knox. Their films are then viewed and selected by the Knox Youth Events Crew (using a specific criteria) to be screened at Knox Village Cinemas. The Youth Events Crew plan and run the GFF Film Festival with the support of Knox City Council Youth Services.

The GFF Film Festival has already been screened this year but keep a look out for information for submissions for GFF films for 2020!

2019 Green Foot Flicks Film Festival

Films that were featured at the festival on Wednesday 10 April, 2019

Title Film Maker/s
Baba Desi Alex Lowes
Social Charlotte McLaverty
Deception Edward Collins
It's Not OK Ellie Bentley
To Be a Volunteer Bethany Alexs
A Day in 60 Seconds Bethany Alexs
The Great Escape Emma Russel et al
Blind Date Tahlia Harper
Kindergangster Stefan Sakellaridis
In the Dark Stefanie Giagoudakis
Fantaisie Impromptu op.66 Santeeth Vadassen
One Second in Time Edward Collins
The Seasons of Olivia Adler Rachel Hooker
Paws Carla Varami
The Not So Superhero Lachlan McNeary
Cat & Mouse Min Deng
Instafly Param Patwala
Calamity Luca Mercuri
Kaleidoscope Natalie Yeung
Mistaken Hollie Steinman

2019 Winners

Award Film Film Maker
First Prize Baba Desi Alex Lowes
Second Prize The Seasons Of Olivia Adler Rachel Hooker
Third Prize One Second in Time Edward Collins
Best Narrative The Not So Superhero Lachlan McNeary
Most Inspirational To Be A Volunteer Bethany Alexs
Best Cast Kindergangster Stefan Sakellaridis
Stand Out In The Dark Stefanie Giagoudakis
Mayor's Award A Day in 60 Seconds Bethany Alexs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What music can I use in my films?

There are free music sites where you can access music please see below for some examples:

Why is it called 'Green Foot Flicks'?

The name 'Green Foot Flicks' came about during the first festival in 2008 when the promotional ad featured a giant green monster, who left his green foot-print which become our logo, and so it became the Green Foot Flicks!

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