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Spotted Gums in Knox

What is Council doing about spotted gums in Knox right now?

Knox is currently replacing Spotted Gum trees across a number of local streets as shown in the list below:

  • Outlook Court, Ferntree Gully
  • Herman Court, Lysterfield
  • Palmerston Road, Lysterfield
  • Regency Terrace, Lysterfield
  • Jamieson Avenue, Rowville
  • Lawncliffe Court, Rowville
  • Liddamore Court, Rowville
  • Shady Grove, Rowville
  • Tamboon Drive, Rowville
  • Winnipeg Street, Rowville
  • Alana Court, Wantirna South
  • Coppelia Street, Wantirna South

Why is Council removing the Spotted Gums in those streets?

Some community members have expressed concern about the presence of Spotted Gums in various locations in Knox. They were concerned about the size of the trees and potential risk to infrastructure. As a result, a decision was made by Council on 23 June 2015 to replace the Spotted Gum trees in the locations listed above.

They will be replaced over a five year period with other native tree species.

Will residents of a street be able to choose the replacement tree for the whole avenue?

Yes, Council will survey affected residents to ask what trees would work best in their streets. Our arborist will provide a list of appropriate native trees for residents to view, in a letter to affected residents. So if you’re in one of the streets listed above, you can expect a letter during this five-year program before any work is carried out.

Will I be able to ask for the Spotted Gum to be kept outside my property?

No, the program has been approved by Council and is now being advertised so that community members are aware. The program does provide for consultation on the types of trees to be replanted but will be as decided on 23 June 2015.

Why are Council not removing the spotted gums in every street?

Council has decided on the list of Local Roads shown above as part of its current five year program. More significant roads however, generally have wider road reserves and nature strips than local roads. The scale of the Spotted Gum is more in keeping with these larger scale roads. Such roads also have a significant profile and serve as major linking routes. They were therefore not included in the list decided on by Council in June.

Council has based its decision on balancing the views and concerns of its community, while maintaining a leafy, green character for its local roads and streets. The management of risk is always our highest concern, and Council is on record as recognising the importance of having the right trees in its streets. Such a program of tree planting, removals, and replacement aims to get that balance right.

As a resident, I want to comment on the program?

Everyone in the community is welcome to make a comment about Council programs and activities. You are very welcome to lodge your thoughts and feedback via our Customer Service team. You can call 9298 8000, visit our office, or email

I want a tree removed outside my property?

1. If your street is one of those listed, it will be replaced during the current five year program. The timing will be communicated at a later date. Keep an eye on our website.

2. If you have a safety concern, let us know so we can arrange an inspection to check on the tree. In fact, we encourage residents to let us know as soon as possible if they have any safety concerns.

3. If your street is not on the list shown above, then we will not be replacing those trees during this five year period.

I want my street included in the program

Council has a program of spotted gum replacement for just the streets listed above. We would only consider replacing a tree in a street for safety reasons. If you have a safety concern, call our Customer Service team on 9298 8000, visit our office, or email

The program did pause in past years. Why is the replacement program happening?

Council has been listening to community concerns across a range of streets and areas in Knox during the past two years. The program now underway follows a decision made by Council in June 2015, previewing the program for the current 5-year period. The decision draws on the concerns raised but also seeks to balance the views and concerns of its community, while maintaining a leafy, green character for its local roads and streets.

What if the street tree looks okay but I’m worried about the location of it?

Please let us know of any concerns you have about street trees, whether they are about the trees themselves, or the environments they grow in. For safety concerns, we can arrange an inspection as noted above.

What is Council doing to address concerns about loss of tree canopy in Knox?

Council will continue to actively monitor the tree canopy in Knox and will report on what we observe. It’s important to note that the street tree program above is a replacement program, not just about removal.

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