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Henderson Road Bridge Construction

Henderson Road bridge is now open!

Completed Henderson Road bridge

The Henderson Road bridge was officially opened by the Member for Aston, Alan Tudge and Knox City Council's Mayor, Cr Jake Keogh, on Friday 23rd October 2019.

The Department of Transport is currently progressing the design and delivery of upgrades to the Kelletts Road/Henderson Road and Ferntree Gully Road/Henderson Road intersections following Federal funding being allocated for these projects.

Milestone reached in the Henderson Road bridge project

Construction of Henderson road bridge taken in August 2019

All the bridge beams are now in place! Work is now continuing on completing the road and supporting infrastructure with an opening expected in October 2019.

Update on the Henderson Road Bridge Construction

Works are on track for completion by the end of September 2019.
Piling was completed during May and the beams are expected to be placed before the end of June.

A few photos of the progress so far:

Construction of Henderson road bridge taken in April 2019
Progress photo - April 2019
Construction of Henderson road bridge taken in May 2019
Progress photo - May 2019
Construction of Henderson road bridge taken in June 2019
Progress photo - June 2019

Contractor appointed for construction of Henderson Road Bridge

At Council's meeting held on Monday 25 February 2019, Council endorsed the recommendation to accept the tender submitted by Bitu-mill Civil Pty Ltd for construction of the Henderson Road bridge.

Initial site works are expected to commence by late March 2019.

Images of the Bridge

A consultant has prepared three images of how the Henderson Road bridge will look upon completion:

Henderson Rd Bridge Visualisation A
Henderson Rd Bridge Visualisation B
Henderson Rd Bridge Visualisation C

Henderson Road Bridge Project Timelines

Knox Council will be constructing a new road bridge across Corhanwarrabul Creek, linking Henderson Road North to Henderson Road South (Rowville to Knoxfield).

The construction of the new Henderson Road Bridge is an Aston Electorate funding commitment and is being delivered as a part of the Federal Government’s $7.6B investment in Victoria’s infrastructure.

The construction of Henderson Road Bridge has been a Council priority for a number of years. A Benefit-Cost study showed that this road improvement project would deliver overwhelming benefits to local residents and the business community, including:

Supporting Works

Due to the location of two power poles being within the alignment of the bridge, Ausnet has a contractor undertaking works between mid February until mid March. These works will culminate in the two power poles being removed.

  • reducing traffic congestion in the area by providing an alternate north south route
  • providing savings in both travel time and vehicle operating costs for businesses
  • assisting in reducing general traffic congestion in the Rowville area

The initial stages of this project involved a number of investigations and studies that informed the design of the road bridge. These studies also considered the effects and impacts on the local flora and fauna, local amenity, traffic safety and accessibility, and cultural and heritage studies.

These studies took place from May 2017 onwards and did not impact residents or businesses. The outcomes of these studies will be communicated to local residents and business owners and a range of community consultations will also take place during the project.

The approximate timelines for the stages of the project are:

  • Site Investigations and Studies - May 2017 to September 2017
  • Concept Development - October 2017 to March 2018
  • Design - March 2018 to August 2018
  • Tendering and Construction - September 2018 to September 2019

Residents who have any questions about this project should contact Monica Micheli or Melissa Sparrow at Council’s Major Initiatives Unit during business hours on 9298 8000.

Henderson Road Bridge Traffic Study

Summary of Findings

The construction of the Henderson Road Bridge has been a priority for Knox City Council for many years. The bridge will connect two sections of Henderson Road that are separated by Corhanwarrabul Creek. Henderson Road to the north of the creek, serves a large industrial estate up to Ferntree Gully Road in Knoxfield. Henderson Road to the south serves an industrial precinct of Rowville bounded by Stud Road, Kelletts Road and Taylors Lane.

Council commissioned independent consultants, One Mile Grid, to complete a traffic study to assess the impacts of the bridge on the surrounding road network. This short report is a summary of consultant’s findings, including their assessment and recommendations on the most feasible exit for traffic at Kelletts Road and the traffic management treatments required in the adjoining residential area.

1. Traffic volume increases

When the bridge is built, traffic volumes on Henderson Road are expected to double to approximately 4,300 vehicles per day in the southern (Rowville) section and 7,400 vehicles per day in the northern (Knoxfield) section.

The existing traffic congestion on the arterial road network, and a lack of north-south routes between Knoxfield and Rowville, will mean that it is likely that Henderson Road will be utilised as a short cut during peak periods once the bridge is constructed.

2. Access to the arterial road network

2.1 Kelletts Road connection

The construction of the Henderson Road Bridge provides for three opportunities to access Kelletts Road (See Figure 1).

Figure 1 - The 3 route options for Henderson Road bridge

As part of the traffic study, these three options were assessed and a recommendation made on the preferred option.

Option 1. New connection at Taylors Lane – not recommended

While not currently connected to Henderson Road, there is a tree reservation beside Taylors Lane to the north of Kelletts Road that would allow for the construction of a new road link to connect Henderson Road to Kelletts Road at Bexsarm Crescent.

This option was considered unviable because of the significant costs to building a new road. As the intersection of Kelletts Road and Taylors Lane already operates at capacity there would also be additional costs to upgrade it. In addition, there would be impacts on native vegetation and local resident amenity on Taylors Lane.

Option 2. Laser Drive – not recommended

While Laser Drive is directly connected to Henderson Road, it brings motorists out to Kelletts Road at an unsignalised intersection. The intersection would need signalisation if it were to be the preferred route onto Kelletts Road to cater for the additional traffic.

This option is not preferred because Laser Drive is located approximately 250m west of the existing Taylors Lane traffic signals, which is typically considered to be too close to be functionally acceptable for a major road.

Option 3. Henderson Road – preferred

This option is the preferred option because the Henderson Road and Kelletts Road intersection is approximately midpoint between the signalised intersections at Taylors Lane and Stud Road. In addition, this route is already used by most of the larger heavy vehicles from the industrial area to turn right onto Kelletts Road.

The intersection currently does not have any traffic lights and with the additional traffic expected, traffic signals will be required to ensure functionality and safety at this intersection. It should be noted however that traffic signals have not been funded as part of the bridge construction project.

2.2 Ferntree Gully Road connection

The intersection of Ferntree Gully Road and Henderson Road is already operating at capacity. The projected additional traffic volumes due to further development along Henderson Road, and the construction of the Henderson Road Bridge will compound the operating difficulties at this intersection. As such, intersection upgrade works at Ferntree Gully Road and Henderson Road are recommended.

As with the recommended traffic signals at Kelletts Road, intersection upgrade works at Ferntree Gully Road are also unfunded.

3. Residential roads

The traffic study assessed the current traffic and projected traffic volumes within the local area precinct bounded by Taylors Lane, Valleyview Drive, Karoo Road and Kelletts Road.

In terms of impacts on residential roads Valleyview Drive, which has direct connection to Henderson Road, will be the most affected. Traffic volumes are predicted to increase from 700 vehicles per day to 1,700 vehicles per day. However, this traffic increase has been assessed as acceptable under the Knox Planning Scheme Clause 56.06 as Valleyview Drive is a wide (10.5m) road with capacity to carry up to 3,000 vehicles per day and provides residents with a much-needed additional crossing of Corhanwarrabul Creek.

The traffic study recommended that traffic management treatments be installed to manage vehicle speeds and deter larger vehicles from the residential estate immediately adjacent to Henderson Road. This will assist in ensuring residential amenity in these adjoining areas is not affected.

In addition to the traffic study recommendations, residents within this estate will be directly consulted on their preferences.

Valleyview Drive Traffic Management

Following consultation with residents within the residential estate adjacent to Henderson Road, Council resolved at its 22 January 2018 meeting to install speed humps along Valleyview Drive to manage vehicle speeds and deter larger vehicles. A truck ban will also be introduced and bike lanes painted along the length of the road. It is expected that these works will occur during early-mid 2019.

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