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Sale and Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles and Impounded Goods

Knox City Council has determined the following vehicles as being abandoned within its boundaries and have since been towed and are now being disposed of in accordance with Knox City Council’s General Provisions Local Laws 2010 and the Local Government Act 1989.

Knox City Council’s General Provisions Local Laws 2010 states that Council may impound any item that encroaches or obstructs the free use of a public place and any item where breaches of a permit or non-compliance with a notice to comply has been detected. The impounded items listed below are now being disposed of in accordance with Knox City Council’s General Provisions Local Laws 2010 and the Local Government Act 1989.

Council is requesting offers from interested parties to purchase and remove these vehicles and impounded goods:

Lot items for tender

  • LOT 1 - 2002 Toyota Rav4 silver
  • LOT 2 - 1997 Range Rover Silver
  • LOT 3 - 2000 Toyota Sedan Blue
  • LOT 4 - 1997 Mitsubishi Sedan silver
  • LOT 5 - 1999 Ford Sedan Blue
  • LOT 6 - 2006 Holden Sedan White
  • LOT 7 - 2009 Kia Rio Blue
  • LOT 8 - 1994 Mitsubishi Wagon Green
  • LOT 9 - 2002 Chrysler Wagon Red
  • LOT 10 - 1998 Holden Sedan Maroon
  • LOT 11 - 2004 Holden Ute White
  • LOT 12 - 1997 Hyundai Sedan Red
LOT 1 - 2002 Toyota Rav4 silverLOT 2 - 1997 Range Rover SilverLOT 3 - 2000 Toyota Sedan BlueLOT 4 - 1997 Mitsubishi Sedan silverLOT 5 - 1999 Ford Sedan BlueLOT 6 - 2006 Holden Sedan WhiteLOT 7 - 2009 Kia Rio BlueLOT 8 - 1994 Mitsubishi Wagon GreenLOT 9 - 2002 Chrysler Wagon RedLOT 10 - 1998 Holden Sedan MaroonLOT 11 - 2004 Holden Ute WhiteLOT 12 -1997 Hyundai Sedan Red

The vehicles are sold as is, unregistered, without keys unless specified, in variable condition and are determined as unroadworthy for the sake of removal. All vehicles are PPSR clear and have no security/financial interest against them.

All goods are sold as seen. It is strongly recommended that you arrange for an inspection of the goods prior to placing a bid.

All bids are final and binding on the purchaser, do not bid if you don't intend to purchase.

How to submit a tender online

Tenders are currently being accepted until 11:59pm Tuesday 22 October 2019.

Acceptance of tender amounts is at the discretion of Council. Offers must contain the relevant Lot number, full name, address and contact phone number and tender offer. Incomplete offers will be deemed to be invalid.

At conclusion of the offer period Council will notify the successful tenderers. If there is more than one party with an equal maximum bid, they will be notified by Council and allowed an opportunity to resubmit a further bid for that item.

Successful tenders will be granted a period of 48 hours once notified to finalise payment and collect the Lot Number from the impound yard at their expense.

Submit your offer online

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