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Knox Festival

Knox Festival Info

Knox Festival 2018
Image of Knox Factor Finalists 2018
Image of Sense of Self Area

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 March 2019
Wally Tew Reserve, Brenock Park Drive, Ferntree Gully
10am - 5pm both days, plus evening activities on the Saturday

Program Highlights from 2018

  • Backyard Bonanza in the heart of the Knox Festival site is a celebration and tribute to the great Aussie Backyard. Perhaps it also tips its hat back to a time when backyards were where ‘things just happened’, a time when being outdoors was just what you did. Backyard cricket and tippy go was a ‘thing’, the obligatory sprinkler ran full bore for every summer scorcher, and there was a trampoline that sat pride of place next the pergola, clothes line and expansive BBQ zone. And it didn’t stop there, there were bugs to catch, hop scotch to play, hula hoops to twirl, cubbies to hide in and kites to launch. The backyard was the nerve centre of activity, it was a haven from the ‘real world’, it gave us all the chance to come together, to share, to smile, to celebrate. In the backyard you could slay magic dragons, chase fairies, wrestle the dog, be invisible and break every conceivable sports record known to man! Backyard Bonanza is inspired by the great Aussie dream and those shimmering symbols that somehow help characterise our culture and identity.
  • Primary Schools Banner Competition: One of the longest running and most successful activities within the festival – the Primary Schools Banner Competition had 15 schools participate, bringing together up to 400 children and their families. The banners were judged by the Mayor and other panelists and prizes awarded in various categories.
  • Knox Festival Sports Zone: shaped up to be more like a ‘Knox Olympiad’ with a huge sporting ‘taste and test’ zone hosted by local sporting clubs and niche activity groups.
  • RUCCIS Circus were back with an incredible array of presentations and workshops for the community.
  • FTGAC hosted a mixture of visual art displays, workshops and demonstrations, including a large Virtual Reality Zone featuring VR video entertainment machines. These machines represent the absolute latest in VR technology. They provide surround sound, air propulsion, as well as 90-360 mechanical movement. It’s like you were there!
  • The Canopy Stage – this year’s main stage at Knox Festival embraced a distinctly local essence. Songwriters, bands, emerging talent, solo artists and those that have ‘made it’, came together to share their magic and passion for music with the people of Knox.
  • Big Top Knox unearthed some of the most unusual, some might say rarest of talents right here in our own backyard. Kids whose gifts, abilities, tricks and stunts are just so whacky, so crazy, they have been given a spot on their own main stage. So who fits the bill? Kids that can burp the national anthem, skate blindfold, memorise and recall a treacherous amount of information, tame wild animals, impersonate Donald and Melania TRUMP, and play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on their throat. Kids that can flip/jump/skip on one leg while balancing a plate on their nose. Boy and girls that can spell better than anyone they know, make things vanish into thin air, write or recite poetry like Yeats, make people or themselves laugh uncontrollably. On this stage we saw speed drawing, improvised RAP, death defying feats to name just a few!
  • Flavours of Knox – In this year’s Knox Kitchen, touch, taste and smell took centre stage! The focus of this gastronomical extravaganza was the Flavours of Knox. Local and cultural cuisine, local foodies and business invited festival goers to come and sample their goods and wares while rocking the wok and finessing the fry pan. Flavours of Knox was where to go to Activ8 your tastebuds!
  • A Journey Through Time – Once again, the Knox community were invited to step back in time to explore and uncover the riches of our collective past. This community of passionate time warriors play for keeps. They served their role as historical reenactors with passion, authenticity and integrity. And we were lucky enough to be rubbing shoulders with Saxons, Visigoths and Viking warlords.

Saturday (night):

  • Dance Fusion - A giant dance showcase, putting front and centre the very best dancers and dance academies that Knox has to offer.
  • The Knox Factor – The highly anticipated Knox Factor returned with another stand-out line up of local youth artists featuring the outstanding vocal talents here in Knox. Again, the winner will be given the opportunity to perform with their stars as one of the headline artists at Carols 2018.
  • The Knox Gift - Now in its third year, new starters lined up in the hope of being crowned fastest man, woman, boy and girl in Knox.
  • The Twilight Cinema – a favourite amongst Knox locals. This years film was ZOOTOPIA!!

Sunday (day):

  • With the Sunday program we did it all again!
  • Plus, all Oppy Bike routes were open to OPPY bike rider loyalists, with free entry to all cyclists upon entry to festival.

Knox Factor

To the magnificent vocal talent that abounds in Knox – we salute you and we thank you! Auditions took place at Knox Performing Arts Centre on 13th and 15th February 2018 and the 12 finalists performed as an unforgettable part of the festival on the Knox Festival Stage on 3rd March.

Congratulations to all the Knox Factor finalists!

Knox Factor winners!
5-10 years
First place - Akeira Somphanpanya
Second place - Ashlee Reinheimer
Third place - Daniella Nikolaou

11-15 years
First place - Charlotte Finnin
Second place - Rominique Burgess
Third place - Paige Reinheimer

16-25 years
First place - Amy Smith
Second place - Molly Cormack
Third place - James Cormack Brown

The winners will be performing on stage at Knox Carols by Candlelight 2018!

Stallholder Information

Stallholder Expressions of Interest for the 2019 event will open later in the year. Please join our Knox Festival Stallholder Mailing List to keep up to date.

Ferntree Gully Arts Centre

Sense of Self for Knox Festival 2018 was a large multi-disciplinary art installation that took its lead from this year’s Knox Festival theme, Activate Knox. The installation was a joint collaboration with painter/sculptor Sara Catena and explored and unpacked the nature of our 5 senses: taste, sight, touch, smell and sound. The space was highly theatricalised and designed in a way that playfully and creatively prompted festival goers to ‘activate’ their senses in dynamic and unforeseen ways.

Housed inside the Ferntree Gully Arts Centre, the space was darkened and quiet, reflective and immersive in nature. There was 5 specific sites within this zone. Each site based on one of the sensorial elements in accessible but surprising ways.

Sense of Self was created in conjunction with six local Secondary Schools (over 120 young people) who made their own ‘nocturnal nest’ using recycled/re-purposed materials that have a personal meaning to them. These ephemeral works hung inside the installation complimenting the broader piece.

This large space served as art gallery, chill space and safe zone. We encouraged user groups and organisations from across Knox whose goal is to support young people with sensory based issues to come in and PLAY!

Volunteering at Knox Festival

A festival on this scale has many parts and takes a lot of hard work in the lead up as well as over the weekend and then the bump out and, it would be impossible to put on such a feast of fun without the support from our volunteers.
For this we say THANK YOU!!

If you would like to join the festival team as a volunteer, please contact us at volunteering@knox.vic.gov.au or 9298 8000.

Transport options

Parking is limited, so we suggest you ride your bike or jump on board our free Community Bus. Bike parking is available at Lyndale Ct. For bus times, please see the Getting There page.

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For further information about Knox Festival, please contact the Festivals and Events team on 9298 8000 or events@knox.vic.gov.au.

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