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Knox Gift

The Knox Gift

Knox Gift Winners 2018

The Knox Gift is a 100m race open to all ages and levels of fitness, and a chance to prove you’re as fast as you’ve been telling people.

As part of the Knox Festival 2018, the community had the chance to run and win. Prizes were awarded on Saturday 3 March (as part of Knox Festival and Twilight Cinema).


Congratulations and well done to all involved. Huge thanks to Sherbrooke Little Athletics for helping to ensure the smooth management of the races.

Boys (Open)

Mitchelle Gamel (Winner).
Jakeb Pearson (Second).
Jacob Allison (Third).

Girls (Open)

Melissa Butler (Winner).
Natasha Kindler (Second).
Kyla Chapman (Third).

Women (Open)

Rebecca Carpenter (Winner).
Gemma Terrill (Second).
Tracey Carpenter (Third).

Men (Open)

Jakeb Pearson (Winner).
Stewart Dobrzynski (Second).
Dylan Adams (Third).

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