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Lewis Park Master Plan

Lewis Park Reserve

Lewis Park: Open space for Knox’s growing community

As the Knox community continues to grow and develop, Council want to strategically plan for the provision of current and future open space. Council and the community value our ‘open spaces’ and the ‘green leafy image of Knox’.

Lewis Park is one of the largest open spaces in Knox. The park offers experiences for all ages and a diverse range of activities including sports, skate and BMX facilities, bike trails, play spaces and walking along the semi-bushed edge of Blind Creek.

Council seeks to develop a Master Plan which aims to deliver exciting open space outcomes of the highest urban and landscape design quality, that respects the surrounding environmental, social and economic values within the Knox Central Activity Centre.

Areas within the Lewis Park Master Plan scope includes:

  • Lewis Park Reserve
  • 2km of Blind Creek waterway alignment
  • 3km of Blind Creek Trail
  • Knox Community Gardens

Project Timeframes

  • Initial Consultation - March 2018
  • Development of Draft Master Plan - May 2018
  • Consultation of Draft Master Plan - July 2018
  • Endorsed Final Master Plan - October 2018

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