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Food Vendors at Stringybark Festival

Expressions of Interest are now closed!

We are no longer taking expressions of interest to become a food vendor at Stringybark Festival 2018.

Vendor Guidelines

  • Commercial Mobile Food Vendor refers to a vendor operating from a truck, trailer, van or caravan, offering food and/or drinks prepared on site to be consumed at the festival or prepared off site to be consumed at the festival.
  • All products that vendors plan to sell/promote must be listed on this Expression of Interest. Any additional products/activities will need approval prior to the festival. Photos may be requested.
  • Vendors are not permitted to assign or sub-let all or part of their stall.
  • Vendors must trade between 10am and 4pm.
  • Vendors must not use amplifiers or loud speakers.
  • Vendors must ensure that all equipment and products fit into their allocated stall size
  • Vendors are encouraged to offer EFTPOS facilities.

Waste Compliance

In order to minimise waste at the festival, food vendors must:

  • Serve food and/or drink in environmentally friendly packaging and where possible keep this packaging to a minimum.
  • Use the appropriate bins on site (general waste, recycling and food waste) to dispose of their waste.
  • Not distribute individually packaged or wrapped condiments.
  • Not distribute plastic bags or balloons.

Selection Criteria


The festival focuses on ways to inform and empower the local community to make achievable changes in their daily lives that contribute to a more sustainable way of living. This is done in the most gentle way, through the theme of ‘Make – Do – Play – Connect’. Your set up should present one or more of these sustainable practices:

  • Nature play and active challenges
  • Interactive, educational environmental space
  • Arts and creative play activities
  • Handmade, home grown and up-cycled products for sale and display
  • Socially and culturally engaging spaces that celebrate our local community
  • Practices that support environmental sustainability and modern takes on green living
  • Local opportunities for social, cultural and environmental participation in daily life





Food Vendor Fees

Commercial Site Fee Power Supply Fee
Small Site (3 x 3) $208 10 amp $19
Medium Site (exceeds 3 x 3) $302 15 amp $30
30 amp $48

Additional Information

  • Expressions of Interest close at 5pm on Wednesday 8 August 2018.
  • Applicants will be notified by 5pm on Wednesday 15 August 2018 (if not sooner) as to their success, and must notify the Festival and Events team if they do not accept the offer to attend.
  • Successful vendors will receive an invoice (if applicable) which must be paid within 30 days of issue date.
  • If a vendor withdraws from the festival 7 days or less prior to the event, a refund may not be given.
  • The Site Manager must approve any additional products, electrical equipment or infrastructure not listed on the Expression of Interest before it can be brought on site.
  • All equipment (except coolrooms) must fit into your selected site size. Coolrooms may not be located next to your site location; however, the Site Management team will endeavour to give the most direct access.
  • The positioning of each site allocation sits with the Site Management Team and past involvement at the festival will not influence this year’s site allocation.

  • Vendors are required to bump in on the Saturday. Those wishing to bring small equipment and/or stock on the morning of the festival may do so as vehicles can access the site for drop off only.
  • A Safety Officer and Environmental Health Officers will be inspecting stalls each day of the festival.
  • Vendors must be registered at Streatrader and lodge a Statement of Trade.
  • All owned electrical equipment must be tested and tagged within six (6) months of event (after 21 April 2018).
  • All hired electrical equipment must be tested and tagged within three (3) months of event (after 21 July 2018)
  • Where applicable, vendors must have a suitable and in date fire extinguisher on site.
  • Vendors are to bring the minimum amount of gas cylinders to the site each day, and ensure they are stored correctly.
  • Vendors must have Public Liability Insurance, and where relevant, Product Liability Insurance. Cover can be obtained through Council, if approved, at a cost.
  • Vendors must complete an online induction and on site induction prior to bumping in at the festival.
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