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School Holiday Activities at Knox's Cultural Venues

Knox's Cultural Venues have a fun-filled, creative and affordable range of activities for kids these School Holidays!

Scott's BMX Show Image

Scott’s BMX Trick Bike Show

Have you ever asked, “Is there another way?”

Although nearly everybody has ridden a bike, no one rides a bike like Scott Hone.
Backwards on the front wheel. Frontwards on the back wheel. Frontwards on the front wheel, backwards upside-down!

Telling the story of his first bike, all the way to joining the circus, world-renowned BMX trick bike rider Scott Hone demonstrates how thinking outside the box and trying new things can lead you on a grand adventure through life.

Featuring an ambitious finale with five audience members joining Hone on stage to ride the bike all at once, Scott's BMX Trick Bike Show is certain to inspire the next generation.

“BMX trickster and random clown Scott Hone…had this reviewer gobsmacked.”
Australian Stage, Melbourne.

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Trinket the Robert Image

Trinket the Robot

Trinket is the story of an inventor, Dr. Doovalacky who sets out to build a robot who will have the ability to learn new things, with the help of his assistant, Gizmo, a green caterpillar.

Trinket the Robot comes to life but he soon wants more. He wants to know what it is to be human; he wants to become “real.” The children must help him to learn about the world.

Things quickly start to get complicated, and Dr. Doovalacky finds himself losing control of his creation. Trinket learns that to become human is to not only feel wonder and joy, but also to know anger and fear, and the sadness of saying goodbye to someone when you’re not ready to.

Trinket the Robot is an interactive puppet show, based on the tale of Pinocchio, which explores emotions and offers strategies to children to understand different feelings.

“It was good to see the Robot cry. Sometimes I cry too. It was good when the Robot got sad and then got happy
again. It makes me feel like when I get sad, I can get happy again too.”
4 Year Old, Seymour.

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