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If you're looking for a few laughs or some quality music and drama, then the Knox Community Arts Centre has the show for you.

To view the KCAC Season 2 July - November 2014 Brochure, please view attachment at the bottom of the page.

The Knox Community Arts Centre offers everyone:

  • Quality on a shoestring - we select shows that we think you will really love
  • Affordable ticket prices
  • Intimate theatre experience
  • Warm, comfortable and welcoming environment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ample free carparking
  • Licensed bar for every show
  • Door prizes and promotions
  • Easy accessibility

Why would you go anywhere else?

So book some tickets, get down early and enjoy a glass of wine and catch up with good friends before the show.

There’s always more at KCAC – the ultimate, intimate theatre experience at the “Paris End” of Bayswater.

Where is the Knox Community Arts Centre located?

Corner Mountain Hwy and Scoresby Road, Bayswater VIC 3153
t: (03) 9729 7287

Barry Morgan - Cultural Ambassador of Bayswater

Barry Morgan

My goodness arts lovers - I’m so excited to be invited by Knox Community Arts Centre to be the cultural ambassador of Bayswater!

My recent visits to Bayswater have unearthed a world very closely linked to My World of Organs at Sunnyside Mall. I feel that Bayswater is the sister city to Sunnyside and my new home away from home. Now that my global profile has grown considerably, I do feel that it’s time for me to give back to the common man and woman. Standby for Barry’s Arts Advice and Home Tips©. Come on Bayswater and Knox – let’s celebrate culture!

We have nothing to lose – let’s share with the world the underdog with a bite!

Look forward to seeing you in your little cul-de-sac soon (I do love a culdersac).

If you love me, you’ll love Bayswater.

Barry Morgan
(Pres. OLC – Organ Lovers Club)
Cultural Ambassador of Bayswater

Performing Arts Program July - November 2014

Here are the latest shows and performances at the Knox Community Arts Centre in Bayswater.

For more information about these shows or to book tickets, please call the Knox Community Arts Centre directly on 9729 7287. You can also book tickets online by visiting the links below.

Trial by Jury & The Zoo - Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Victoria

Trial by Jury

Thursday 24 July 8pm
Friday 25 July 8 pm
Saturday 26 July 2pm and 8pm
Sunday 27 July 3pm

Adult: $35
Child: $17.50
Concession and Groups of 20+: $29

A delightful double bill

Trial by Jury concerns a “breach of promise of marriage” lawsuit in which the judge and legal system are the objects of light hearted satire.

The Zoo, a true Musical Folly, tells the story of two pairs of lovers. First, a nobleman, who goes to the zoo to woo the
girl who sells snacks there. The other couple is a young chemist who believes that he has poisoned his beloved by
mixing up her father’s prescription with a peppermint that he had meant for her.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

The Magic Hour

Magic Hour at Knox Community Arts Centre

Wednesday 30 July 8pm

Adult: $15
Concession/Student: $10

Playing to packed audiences, The Magic Hour featuring Ursula Yovich has received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

“Bates, Bendall and Yovich have collaborated to create something wonderfully ‘not suitable for children’ by thoughtfully excavating our iconic bedtime stories and unearthing the raw, adult drama that was there all along.” – Artshub

“She (Yovich) had the sell-out audience enthralled and proved what a brilliant storyteller she is.” – TheBlurb

Ursula Yovich, currently appearing in ABC TV’s The Gods of Wheat Street, is a “phenomenally gifted performer” (Artshub), embodying six different and little-known characters from familiar Grimms’ fairytales. Finding the humour and heart in the darker side of these well-known tales, Yovich draws “everyone into her circle” (Stage Whispers) for a night of touching stories and song.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

Broadway Stitched Up

Broadway Stitched Up at Knox Community Arts Centre

Friday 8 August 8pm
Saturday 9 August 2pm
Saturday 9 August 8pm
Sunday 10 August 2pm
Wednesday 13 August 8pm
Thursday 14 August 8pm
Friday 15 August 8pm

Adult: $25
Child: $15

Puppets are taking over the Knox Community Art Centre in SLAMS August Variety “Broadway Stitched Up”.

All the biggest shows from Broadway and some of the best smaller ones are having a puppet makeover.

Come and join us for great music, fantastic performances and some fuzzy, felty fun!

For bookings or enquiries:
t: (03) 9720 3205

Into The Mystic - The Music of Van Morrison


Featuring Joe Creighton & the Belfast Horns

Saturday 16 August 8pm

Adult: $30
Concession/Student: $27.50
BOL (book online): $20

This line-up has been performing to sell out venues for 2 years and with lead singer Creighton, born and raised in Belfast, he brings a tremendous authenticity to the show.

Legendary Australian singer and bassist Creighton has toured with John Farnham, Kylie Minogue and Olivia Newton John and brings raw honesty to his show which results in a palpable world class act not able to be matched.

“Joe Creighton gives one of the best readings of a Van Morrison song that I have heard” - Brian Wise, Triple R “Joe Creighton is as fine an interpreter of Van Morrison’s songs as you’ll hear and his band is red hot! Punters love the show and return in ever increasing numbers as word grows about the quality of the performance and the buzz he creates.” Mark Burchett (Entertainment Booker for Caravan Music Club & Flying Saucer Club)

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

Tea & Classics Series

Inventi at Knox Community Arts Centre

Proudly presented by Inventi Ensemble and KCAC.

Tuesday 5 August 5 10.30-11.30am
Tuesday 9 September 10.30-11.30am
Tuesday 28 October 10.30-11.30am

All tickets: $10
Group booking discount: 10 tickets for $90

Ben Opie, Melissa Doecke & Friends guide you through a delightful journey of classical music, from operatic arrangements to enchanting baroque and beyond.

For bookings or enquiries visit

The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps at Knox Community Arts Centre

A production by Christine Harris & Hit Productions - Australia’s premier theatre touring company

Friday 22 August 8pm
Saturday 23 August 2pm & 8pm

Adult: $30
Concession/Student: $27.50
BOL: $25

Based on the classic Hitchcock film, The 39 Steps is a side-splitting comedy for all the family. Seen by over 3 million people in more than 60 countries, this is a theatrical tour-de-force not to be missed.

“A great family night out!” Theatre People

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

Greg Champion and Friends Footy Singalong!

Footy Guy at Knox Community Arts Centre

Wednesday 10 September 7pm
Thursday 11 September 7pm

Family: $35 (family of four)
Adult: $15
Child: $7.50

Featuring all the Biggest Hoonpleasers and every footy song you cann ever remeber requests!!!

  • That's The Thing About Football
  • I Am The Footy Fan
  • Red Hot Go
  • We Finished Ninth Again
  • Members of the MCG
  • I'm Dipierdomenico
  • Knee Reconstruction
  • Dougie Hawkins
  • Jose Romero
  • And loads more....

Lyrics on the big screen!

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online


Goldie at Knox Community Arts Centre

Tuesday 23 September 11am
Wednesday 24 September 11am

All tickets: $15
BOL (book online): $10

Following the recent sellout success of CINDERELLA, Promac Productions Australia is returning with their hilarious version of the Classic “Goldilocks and The 3 Bears”. Whilst keeping true to the traditional story, this classic tale is brought right up to modern day with some fascinating and very funny twists.

See Papa Bear do his “Elvis” impersonation...what on earth is Mummy bear doing dancing in the kitchen to the “Barbie Bear Song”. This version of Goldilocks will have the kids dancing in the aisles and the mums and dads in gales of laughter.

The show has a stellar cast led by award winning actress Michelle Fitzmaurice as Mummy Bear. Performed in magnificent costumes/suits on a touring set this is a fully live show, that has been a hit all over Australia.

Running time 60 mins no interval.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

Knox Piano Awards 14

Grand piano

Honouring Musical Excellence in Knox

Monday 29 September
Tuesday 30 September

Thursday 2 October 6.30pm

Gala night ticket prices:
Adult: $15
Concession/student: $10
Family (2 adults 2 children): $30

Knox Community Arts Centre is proud to present the Knox Piano Awards 2014

This competition is designed to nurture the development of emerging artists in a professional and supportive ennvironment. There will be two days of Competition plus a Gala Performance featuring competition winners and guests Inventi Ensemble.

There are fantastic prizes on offer including professional development and live performance opportunities with Inventi Ensemble in partnership with our Major Sponsor Bernies Music Land.

The 2014 Knox Piano Awards are proudly supported by Bernies Music Land

For more information, an entry form or to book tickets:
t: 9729 7287

Ada & Elsie: Wacko-the-Diddle-oh! Tour

Ada and Elsie perform a radio comedy at Knox Community Arts Centre

Victorian Seniors Festival 2014

Thursday 9 October 1.30pm
Friday 10 October 7.30pm

All tickets: $7.50

The golden age of radio comedy comes alive with those two old-fashioned girls, Ada and Elsie. Step back in time to when the wireless was the centre of the entertainment universe and enjoy the comedy, music, audience participation, live sound-effects and drama - both on-air and off-air - of live radio.

“...a warm and entertaining tribute that takes us back to the days when the Colgate Palmolive Radio Unit produced entertainment.

The show weaves in and out of radio skits and the characters of Dorothy Foster (Ada) and Rita Pauncefort (Elsie), giving depth to a show dedicated with love and laughs to the golden days of radio.” Penny Debelle in The Advertiser
Starring Malcolm Hansford, Maureen Sherlock, Carole Yelland

Running time: 55 minutes

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

FLAK – True stories from the men who flew in World War 2

FLAK - true stories from the men who flew in World War II

Victorian Seniors Festival 2014

Thursday 16 October 7.30pm

Adult: $20
Concession/Student: $17.50
BOL: $15

Flak written and performed by Michael Veitch
Directed by Helen Ellis
Lighting Design by Michael Brasser

Michael Veitch has an obsession with all things flying, planes specifically, and he especially loves old war planes, so much so he wrote two books about pilots and their stories from World War 2. Flak and Flight are books Michael wrote after interviewing surviving pilots from World War 2. Flak, the play, is five of these stories brought to life, in character, by Michael himself.

We meet two Australians, a Welshman, an Englishman and surprisingly a former German pilot. Their stories will amaze you! All stories are of survival but their harrowing tales will leave you awe-inspired by their courage and luck. Michael will make you smile and cry and think. His interwoven narrative is filled with quirky tales of his own youth and his odd obsession with the Battle of Britain. For anyone who is interested in history, has a family member who served, or just loves a good old-fashioned story Flak will definitely hit the right note.

Standing ovations around Australia – Michael definitely deserves the response he has had to date. Michael Veitch is an actor, author and broadcaster, best known for his roles on the sketch comedy television shows The D-Generation, Fast Forward and Full Frontal, as well as for his books on Second World War aviation and the Bass Strait Islands.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

Pippa Wilson

Pippa Wilson at Knox Community Arts Centre

Victorian Seniors Festival - Presented by the Australian Jazz Museum

Friday 17 October 1.30pm

All tickets: $15

Complimentary refreshments provided after the show.

Ms. Pippa Wilson is the jazz singer that everyone tells everyone else about. She has the rare vocal quality that snaps audiences to full attention, swinging hot or cool with the great standards from the 1920’s through to the 50’s and beyond. Singing jazz since 1979 she made her debut with the New Harlem Jazz Band. Since that time she has worked with most of Melbourne’s top musicians and has become a well respected and popular member of the jazz fraternity.

For all bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

Come Together - The Musis of the Beatles

Come Together - The music of The Beatles

Victorian Seniors Festival 2014

Saturday 25 October 7.30pm

Adult: $25
Concession/Student: $20

Phil Smith presents the music of his all time favourite band, The Beatles, in a musical extravaganza @ Knox Community Arts Centre, as the band celebrate 50 years since the Fabs toured Oz.

Getting back once again will be Phil, Keyboard maestro Cres Crisp, Neil Quinlan on guitar and vocals, and very special guest on drums, Mr Chris Mann.

This amazing line-up promise a Magical Mystery Tour through the Fab’s repertoire, utilising great vocals and some unplugged arrangements of classic songs.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

Once Upon A Mattress

Once upon a mattress at Knox Community Arts Centre

Friday 7 November 8pm
Saturday 8 November 8pm
Thursday 13 November 8pm
Friday 14 November 8pm
Saturday 15 November 8pm

Adult: $32
Group 10+ $25

If you thought you knew the story of ‘The Princess and The Pea,’ you may be in for a walloping surprise! Did you know, for instance, that Princess Winnifred actually swam the moat to reach Prince Dauntless the Drab? Or that Lady Larken’s love for Sir Harry provided a rather compelling reason that she reach the bridal altar post haste? Or that, in fact, it wasn’t the pea at all that caused the princess a sleepless night?

Carried on a wave of wonderful songs, by turns hilarious and raucous, romantic and melodic, this rollicking spin on the familiar classic of royal courtship and comeuppance provides for some side-splitting shenanigans. Chances are you’ll never look at fairy tales quite the same way again.

For bookings or enquiries:
t: (03) 9720 3205

African Drumming & Dance Workshops with Asanti Dance Theatre

Asanti at Knox Community Arts Centre

Let your inner rhythm out!

Classes commence Monday 28 July 2014

5-6pm Drum & dance for kids
6-7pm Adult drumming
7-8pm Adult African creative dance

Kids Classes $10
Adults $15
$25 for both classes

Book now for the next 6 week block!
t: 0415 726 886

Dance Hub 2014

Dance Hub is a wonderful Professional Development opportunity for dancers, choreographers, physical performers, dance therapists and dance teachers. It is also a great opportunity to connect with a network of local professional dance practitioners.

Expand your dance and choreographic practice with FREE masterclass workshops with some of Australia’s most exciting contemporary dance artists!

Dance Hub at Knox Community Arts Centre

3-5pm Sunday 20th July
Asanti Dance Theatre

Afro-contemporary dance

2-5pm Sunday 14th September
Deanne Butterworth

Contemporary dance, focusing on relationships between sound, movement and spatial design

Sunday 16th November
Dance Hub participants’ showing of works-in-progress

Bookings are essential

For further information on Dance Hub, please contact:
Gretel Taylor:
t: 0425 759 988

For bookings, please contact the Knox Community Arts Centre on 9729 7287 or book online below.

Book tickets online

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6PAC is a Knox City Council initiative which has significantly increased the quality and quantity of professional theatre and performing arts touring to outer suburban Melbourne and regional Victoria. The aim of 6PAC is to tour a high standard of affordable performing arts product to a network of similar sized venues and promote the depth of talent that Victoria has to offer its arts communities. More information about 6PAC.

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Held at the Bayswater Youth Hall on the second Friday of the month.
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