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Sustainable Transport

Why use sustainable transport?

  • Health Benefits - as a society, we are becoming less active, leading to ever increasing rates of obesity. Sustainable travel builds activity into your daily travel.
  • Financial Benefits - Petrol prices are back on the rise. Experts agree that we are running out of petrol, so the price will keep on rising. Why not try changing one trip a week?
  • Environmental Benefits - Transport makes up 34% of household greenhouse gas emissions. Changing travel habits has huge potential savings.

What is TravelSmart?

'TravelSmart Australia' is a State Government initiative to reduce our reliance on cars. The goal is for Victorians to make smarter choices with transport, opting for more sustainable choices, such as cycling, walking, public transport or shared car travel.

For further information, please visit the TravelSmart Australia website.

You can download the Explore Knox map below.

Knox Central - By Foot, By Pedal

To help encourage people to choose walking and cycling we have created the local access map 'Knox Central - By Foot, By Pedal' that helps identify walking and cycling routes around Knox Central.

Download the 'Knox Central - By Foot, By Pedal' map below.

If you have any questions or would like a hard copy of the Explore Knox map, Knox Central or cycling maps, please contact the Traffic and Transport Team during business hours on 9298 8000 or email

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