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National Tree Day 2016

National Tree Day

Community Planting - Knoxfield

This year’s National Tree Day was held at Lakewood Reserve, Lakewood Drive, Knoxfield on Sunday 31 July 2016.

300 People joined in the planting, putting 2000 plants in the ground, contributing to habitat and food sources for the local wildlife.

Celebrations were assisted by Carrington Primary School and Riddell Road Preschool who performed a song written specially for the day, ‘How many homes’.

Well done to everyone involved!

Tree day mascot

Corporate Planting - Knoxfield

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to making this year's Corporate National Tree Day a success! More than 100 people from 15 companies planted 2000 indigenous plants at Lakewood Reserve in Knoxfield. It was a great CSR opportunity for businesses to contribute to their local environment and community. The plants will provide valuable habitat and food sources for local wildlife and support existing wetland habitat.

Our thanks go out to the following businesses for participating: SuzoHapp, austbrokers Countrywide, GlaxoSmithKline, Jim's Conveyancing Knox, Nintendo, Melbourne Tree Care, Jenbury Financial, Greenscape Tree Consulting, People's Choice, WMC Public Relations Pty Ltd, ALS Global, Joy Foods, Solar 4 RVs, Confoil Pty Ltd and SodaStream Australia.

To get involved in next year’s National Tree Day or find out more about CSR opportunities for your business, visit or call Council’s Economic Development team on 9298 8000.

Want to get your business involved?

Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes how a business commits to and becomes involved in initiatives contributing to the interests and welfare of their employees, customers, the environment and the community.

As more and more consumers, businesses and employees seek out organisations with moral and ethical dimensions, Corporate Citizenship is fundamental for any business regardless of your size aiming for long term sustainability. It develops a positive image and reputation for businesses, builds customer loyalty, increases profits and makes you an employer of choice.

Find out how Knox City Council can assist your business to get involved in the community.


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