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Rowville Plan Community Workshops

Council held a pair of community workshops to gather input from people who live, work, and play in Rowville that will be used in the development of the Rowville Plan.

The purpose of these workshops was to give people a chance to get involved in the Council's decision-making process early on, and at different stages along the way. Instead of working with one or more set of plans, we looked at which issues are the most important and how they should be considered in the context of Rowville's future.

Community Workshop #1

The first community workshop was held on the evening of 13 March 2013 at the Stamford Hotel in Rowville.

Over 85 members of the community attended, including two ward Councillors, several members of the Rowville Community Reference Group, and a dozen Council officers. Community members worked through two facilitated activities and discussion designed to gather ideas and input to help build a decision-making framework to guide development of the Rowville Plan.

There was a wide range of opinions and viewpoints put forward by the attendees, and we learned a lot about what the community sees as the key issues in Rowville.

Community Workshop #2

The second community workshop was held from 11am to 3pm Saturday 11 May 2013, again at the Stamford Hotel in Rowville.

The format was different than the first workshop: community members were invited to drop in to the workshop at any time, and stay as little or as long as they liked. We used the decision-making framework from Workshop #1 to examine a set of land use options against the key issues.

There were three short presentations on some of the issues that were identified as high-priorities: residential design, transport, and youth services/aged care. There were experts from across Council on hand throughout the day who helped answer questions about development, infrastructure, and community services.

See the documents below to learn more about Workshop #2.

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