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Facilities Closed

Knox City Council has closed many of its public facilities to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the community. This includes the Civic Centre Customer Service Counter. More information

Knox Urban Design Framework 2020

Knox City Council was one of the first councils in Victoria to create an urban design vision for the 'whole of the City' and address the environmental, social and economic issues faced by an outer suburban municipality.

It includes an urban design vision, strategies, actions and design guidelines for ensuring that the unique strengths and attributes of Knox are protected, promoted and enhanced by quality planning decisions.

We want to protect and enhance Knox's unique characteristics, such as the foothills and the Dandenong Creek Valley, which are of metropolitan significance.

There are opportunities to make our neighbourhood shopping centres more lively, attract more high-tech companies to our City and protect the character of Knox's residential communities. We are pushing for better transport options and want to ensure that all transport infrastructure is constructed in a way that respects our natural landscapes.

Council needs the help of the State Government, private industry and the whole community to achieve the urban design vision for Knox.

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Knox City Council City Futures
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