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Bathroom recycling

Bathroom items can be recycled too

Tips for recycling from your bathroom

Bathroom recycling tips

Bathroom items can be recycled too. See what’s possible for you. It’s easy to recycle both from your kitchen and the bathroom. Why stop at the kitchen?

  • Have a second bin in the bathroom. So you don’t forget.
  • You don’t necessarily have to rinse the product before you put into recycling.
  • Aerosols made from steel CAN be recycled too. Only recycle empty aerosols and remove the plastic lid too.

View our recycling page for more information.

No plastic bags in recycling bins

We can’t use your recycling if it is in a plastic bag

Plastic bags make it impossible for machines to sort recycling items. Bags can also hide items other than recycling that may be a hazard for workers such as syringes, chemicals and dirty nappies.

Next time you have household items to recycle, place them in without the bag.

If you line your indoor bins with a plastic bag, empty the recycling into your recycling bin and put the empty plastic bag into your garbage bin.

Recycle plastic bags at supermarkets

Many supermarkets have special bins for plastic bags. So if you don’t like the idea of plastic bags in landfill, drop them off at your local supermarket.

What happens to your recycling?

Tonnes of rubbish are collected from Knox homes every week. A lot of this can be reused and recycled into new and useful products such as packaging, insulation, fibres for the textile industry, and glass bottle and jars.

Watch a video on what happens to your recycling.

View our recycling page for more information.

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