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COVID-19 Update

Restrictions will be in place from 11:59pm Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June. Most council facilities will be closed. Events have been cancelled. Critical services will continue. Find out more

History of Immerse

Immerse 2021

Since its inception Immerse has covered over 100km2 across Knox. Developed and coordinated by Knox City Council in 2015, Immerse is a celebrated Public Arts event.

The program aims to make the arts more accessible by engaging with people as part of their everyday lives, outside of the traditional gallery space. It has provided artists with the opportunity to introduce their artwork to the public, collaborate with an experienced curator and potentially, win prize money.

Exhibiting in this manner has had the effect of making the visual arts more publicly accessible while stimulating a greater understanding of and discussion about, the cultural future of Knox.

Past Immerse Winners


  • Emerging Artist Award: Belinda Eckermann
  • People’s Choice Award: Ashely Goudie
  • Young Artist Award: Haddasah Wallis
  • Best Overall Exhibition Award: Catherine Clover
  • Acquisition Award: Caro Facelli
Winning Artwork by Belinda Eckerman
Winning artwork by -Ashley Gouldie
Winning performance art at Immerse 2019
Winning artwork by Catherine Clover
Winning Artwork by Caro Facelli


  • Emerging Artist Award: Jody Haines
  • People’s Choice Award: Kelly Sullivan
  • Young Artist Award: Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son
  • Best Overall Exhibition Award: Rhiannon Slatter & Sally Tape and Fausto Gallego
Jodie HainesKelly SullivanEllen Yeong Gyeong SonRhiannon Slatter & Sally Tape Fausto Gallego


  • Emerging Artist Award: Freda Marshall & Jenny Huang
  • People’s Choice Award: Ashley Goudie
  • Young Artist Award: Jeremy Swan
  • Best Overall Exhibition: Marynes Avila
Freda MarshallJenny HuangAshley GoudieJeremy SwanMarynes Avila


  • Award for Strongest Aesthetic Component: Heather Walters and Deanna Roberts
  • Award for Links to Contemporary Art Trends: Naomi Nicholls
  • Award for Humour and Irony: Natalie Artis
  • Award for Innovation and Originality: Kylie Watson
  • Award for Narrative, Context and Relationships: Kelly Sullivan
 Heather Walters Deanna Roberts Naomi NichollsNatalie ArtisKylie WatsonKelly Sullivan

Past Feature Projects

2017: Untitled House

Artists: Roh Singh, Larry Parkinson and Morganna Magee

Located in Ferntree Gully Untitled House was a collaboration between three artists from the Visual Arts program at Swinburne University with Knox City Council for Immerse 2016. The artists were drawn to the nostalgic notions of suburbia, large spaces, generations of family, history of land ownership and the individual stories and collective experiences. However, this suburban utopian view is rapidly becoming a nostalgic one. The Great Australian Dream of home ownership is being challenged in contemporary Australian life. The experience of home ownership is in decline and issues around housing affordability are a real threat, becoming an ephemeral idea, one that many are watching slip from the horizon. The concept of the tangible disappearing out of sight and out of reach was one of the central intentions of the House project.

2016: Section 32

Artists: Clare McCracken, Brienna Macnish, Robert Jordan and collaborators

Melbourne city is in a state of flux: climate change, rapid population growth, housing affordability, technological advances such as driverless cars and shifts in the labour market are all gearing up to permanently change both the look of our city and how we inhabit it. Created for Immerse 2016 Section 32 was a site-specific immersive installation that consumed a residential home in Boronia, creatively looking at what the stand-alone suburban house may be like by the end of this century.

Section 32Untitled House
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