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Lysterfield Quarries

Knox is rated the fourth most critical extractive resource location in Victoria, mostly due to the two hard rock quarries in Lysterfield that have been operating under the same management for over 30 years.

The Hanson Quarry and the adjoining Boral Quarry have been noted by the State Government to provide significant economic benefit to the state through provision of high demand construction products within a close distance to Melbourne. At a local level the quarries provide jobs and economic benefit for residents of Knox and nearby areas.

Wherever heavy industry is located close to residential properties there is potential for impact on amenity due to noise, dust, vibration and traffic if these issues are not managed appropriately.

The day to day operation of the quarries including noise, dust, blasting, hours of operation, road cleaning and rehabilitation is controlled by a ‘work authority’ issued by the state government agency, Earth Resources Victoria.

Earth Resources Victoria is responsible for ensuring compliance with the work authority. Each quarry generally blasts midweek once a fortnight and the work authority sets controls for the measurement, management and impact of blasts. Vibration from every blast and dust is measured from various locations.

Complaints regarding quarry operations can be made directly to each quarry or to Earth Resources Victoria.

Potential expansion of the Hanson Quarry

Hanson has signaled its intention to expand the extraction limits of its quarry on Wellington Road opposite the intersection with Napolean Road. This would extend the operating life of the quarry by five to ten years, with potential cessation of quarrying activities in 25 to 30 years.

This quarry operates under a planning permit issued in 1999. In order to expand its operations, Hanson would need approval from the Victorian Government before submitting a planning permit application to Council.

The residential buffer currently approved by the Victorian Government is 400 metres, and Council’s position is that any future buffer should come no closer than this to neighbouring residences.

Council has not received a permit application to expand the quarry. All planning applications are assessed on their merit. Should an application be received at some stage in the future, residents would be notified as part of the normal process and usual rights to make a submission to Council and appeal the decision would apply.

Negotiating improved community outcomes

Council works proactively with both quarry operators to negotiate improved long term community outcomes for these sites, including ongoing protection of remaining significant vegetation and provision of open space and landscaping that supports future sporting and recreational opportunities.

The rehabilitation plan for the Hanson quarry, approved by the Victorian Government in 1994, requires residential areas to the north and west of the site to be blended with the established parkland to the south and east. This involves residential development and creation of active and passive parkland including a lake in the mined quarry pit.

The potential Hanson Quarry expansion provides an opportunity for Council to further negotiate improved outcomes and community benefit.

Council has requested a proposal from Hanson for the sustainable long term use of the land following the completion of quarrying, including early public access to open space, improved linkages to public open space, walking and cycling paths to access the National Park and Lysterfield Hills State Park, recreational facilities including sports fields and equestrian, and improved long term rehabilitation, landscaping and land use outcomes.

Hanson has formed a community reference group and is working with this group to refine its proposal. No proposal has been presented to Council at this time.

In signaling its intention to expand the quarry, Hanson has discussed the use of surplus land on its Wellington Road frontage with Council to construct a recreation complex including two sports ovals with associated change facilities, club rooms and car parking, which would bring forward access for the community while the quarry is still in operation. At this time no formal offer has been made by Hanson and no decision has been made by Council.

For more information refer to the Hanson Lysterfield Quarry page.

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