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Garden share spaces inspire Rowville green thumbs

Inspired by members of Virtual Rowville Village, a Facebook group that encourages community kindness and gives free items to those in need, Rowville local Maxine Ashton decided to lend a helping hand and took to her garden for ideas.

Realizing she had an excess supply of aloe vera, Maxine donated seedlings and gardening supplies to others in her local area. She soon purchased a greenhouse to grow more seedlings and began the Grow to Give initiative.

“I was inspired by other share-spaces I saw in Rowville, and thought to create a gardening one,” Maxine said.

“That’s where the grow-to-give idea came about - to grow things in our gardens and then put it on a table in our front yards and give it away.”

Gardening share spaces like Maxine’s include seedlings, produce, gardening magazines, tools and more. Community members are welcome to take anything or donate items.

“It’s so positive, what everyone is doing for the community, and having this to focus on has made me feel good during lockdown,” Maxine said.

A passionate gardener herself, Maxine said that she received a hanging owl ornament in her letterbox as a thank-you from an anonymous donor.

“I’ve lived in Rowville for 25 years but I’ve never known the community to be as nice as it is today,” Maxine said.

“It’s good to know that whatever crisis we have from now on, we have a community that will support each other.”

#BeKindKnox #KnoxActsofKindness

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