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A Guide to Your Council Rates

About Your Rates

Rates and charges are a vital part of Local Governments' overall funding package. It represents approximately 67% of Council's total income. The rates that you pay contribute significantly to the running of the Knox community in which you have chosen to live.

For each financial year Council must prepare a budget commencing from 1 July. When preparing the Budget, Council needs to set priorities for the financial year and consider the purpose, objectives, functions and powers of Council together with its Corporate Plan.

Some of these priorities include:

  • financing new and improved community assets (capital works such as new buildings, roads etc);
  • financing ongoing costs for services to children, families and the elderly, parks and reserves, library funding.

Input into the Budget process comes via the community, through various groups seeking Council's support, Council generated initiatives, staff expenditure that Council needs to consider for its successful operation.

How Your Rates are Calculated

Once Council has determined its total expenditure it then examines all of its income sources and the shortfall is made up through the levying of rates and charges.

Council uses Capital Improved Value (CIV), which is simply the value of the land, building and any other improvements in respect to each rateable property. The Capital Improved Value is multiplied by the rate in the dollar to calculate the rate to be paid.

For example

Capital Improved Value (CIV): $750,000 multiplied by the general rate in the dollar of 0.0016831 cents in the dollar = $1,262.33 rates payable.

For 2020-2021 the following rates in the dollar have been declared:

  • Vacant Land Differential Rate: .0052177
  • Retirement Village Differential Rate: .0013465
  • Other Land Differential Rate: .0016831
  • Commercial Differential Rate: .0042078
  • Industrial Differential Rate: .0044603
  • Cultural and Recreational Lands Act Rate: .0016831

Service Charges

In addition to the general rate calculated on a property, Council can also declare service rates or service charges or a combination of both for any of the following purposes:

  • the provision of water supply;
  • the collection and disposal of refuse;
  • the provision of sewerage services; and
  • any other prescribed service.

Council levies a residential Waste Service Charge of $232.00 per annum that provides for the standard residential waste collection service. This charge applies to all residential properties in Knox that have access to Council’s waste services.

In Local Government the most commonly used service charge is for the collection and disposal of refuse (Garbage and/or Recycling Charge). The 2020/2021 charges are outlined in the table below.

Residential Services Charge 2020/2021
Waste Service Charge $232.00
120 Litre Bin $54.00
120 Litre Bin 2nd Service $255.00
240 Litre Bin Recycling 2nd Service $88.00
240 Litre Bin Green Waste Bin $109.00
240 Litre Bin Non-Rate Daily $1,080.00
240 Litre Bin Non-Rate Weekly $232.00
120 Litre Bin Non-Rate Weekly $172.00
Industrial/Commercial Services Charge 2020/2021
240 Litre Bin - Weekly Service (with or without recycle service) $423.00
240 Litre Bin - Daily Service (with or without recycle service) $1,294.00
Dorset Square Charge 2020/2021
Annual Waste Charge (office based premises) $305.00
Annual Waste Charge (retail based premises) $908.00
Annual Waste Charge (food based premises less than 200 square metres floor area) $2,722.00
Annual Waste Charge (food based premises greater than 200 square metres floor area) $6,347.00

Appealing Against Your Rates and Charges

Section 184 of the Local Government Act 1989, provides that if you are aggrieved by the rate or charge levied by your Rate Notice, you may within 60 days after the receipt of notice, give to Council notice that you intend to appeal to the County Court. Any such appeal must be in the prescribed form. The grounds for appeal and the procedure for appealing against a rate or charge are set out in Section 184 of the Local Government Act 1989.

Grounds for appeal include:

  • In the case of a rate (other than a special rate under section 221), that the land in respect of which the rate was declared was not rateable land.
  • That the rate or charge assessment was calculated incorrectly.
  • That the person levied with the rate or charge was not liable to be rated.

Reprint a Rates Notice

If you need to get another copy of your rates notice, you can request a reprint of your rates notice. All online requests will be actioned within five working days during opening hours.

Rate Notices can be viewed on line by registering and logging into

For more information about your rates

If you have any concerns relating to a rate or charge that has been levied, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9298 8000.

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