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Pensioner Concessions for Council Rates

Did you know if you are a pensioner you may be eligible for a concession on your rates?

The State Government provides financial assistance (under the Municipalities Assistance Act 1973) to eligible recipients/pensioners (within the meaning of the State Concessions Act 1986) in respect to rates and charges for which the pensioner is liable.

The Department of Human Services and the Department of Veterans' Affairs issue eligible recipients with cards that will allow them to apply for the pensioner concession.

If you hold any of the following cards, live at the property shown on the rates notice and are liable to pay the rates on that property, then you may be eligible for a rebate. The rebate amount is for 50% off your rates and service charges to a maximum amount of $241.00.

In addition, Council now offers a flat rebate of $100.00 for each eligible property. The $100.00 municipal rebate supplements the State rebate of $241.00.

The following cardholders are eligible for pensioner rate concession:

Department of Human Services (Centrelink)

  • Pensioner Concession Card

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • DVA Gold Repatriation Health Card - TPI
  • DVA Gold Repatriation Health Card - War Widow

If you are eligible and have made an application previously and your entitlement has not changed, you will automatically receive a rebate on your rates notice.

If a rebate does not show or you have not made application previously, please bring your current entitlement card and your rate notice to our Customer Service Centres and the necessary adjustments will be made to your account.

If you have any enquiries regarding pensioner concessions, please call Council's Customer Service Centre on 9298 8000.

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