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Eastern Transport Coalition

The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) consists of Melbourne’s seven eastern Metropolitan Councils (including Knox City Council) and represents approximately one million residents.

The ETC advocates for sustainable and integrated transport services to reduce the level of car dependency to secure the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the Melbourne’s outer east and aims to work in partnership with Federal and State Government’s to ensure the future sustainability of Eastern Melbourne.

The ETC believes that all levels of government have a role to play in the delivery of sustainable transport. Local government has the responsibility to advocate on behalf of its constituents, the State Government must fund the necessary infrastructure and reliable, frequent and readily available services and the Federal Government should also provide funding for infrastructure.

Public Transport is crucial to the growth and wellbeing of our communities. The ETC strives to give commuters in Melbourne's east access to safe and convenient public transport modes with frequent and reliable services.

Commuters Count is an ETC campaign aiming to increase funding for, and accelerate the delivery of significant public transport projects in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are asking for the basics: transport that meets the needs of commuters and reduces our impact on the environment.

The initiatives we promote are crucial to the eastern region's growing business opportunities, thriving job market, clean air and liveable communities. Through the ETC, you can be part of our movement to expand and improve public transport in Melbourne's east by spreading our message:

'Residents in Melbourne's east deserve access to a convenient, affordable, reliable and safe public transport system.'

Help us make good transport ideas a reality - visit our Facebook and Twitter

By adding us on Facebook and Twitter you can join the conversation online and show politicians of all parties that residents in Melbourne's east deserve better public transport opportunities. Use the hashtag #SpringSt and #CommutersCount to make sure that our messages reach the decision makers.

For further information please visit the ETC website.

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